How to Expand Your DIY Blog Audience

diy blog

diy blogYou love making things, and you want to learn how you can earn some extra income from your creativity and expertise.

Starting a DIY blog isn’t just a lot of fun. It can also be lucrative.

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If you’re all about DIY, you’ll love this post. In it, we’ll teach you how to grow your blog’s audience and expand your reach online.

Social Media

If you’re new to the blogging game, not even the greatest SEO wizard in the universe is going to be able to do much to help you. To make up for this, you’ll need to dig deep and find your inner extrovert.

So, what social media outlets should you use for a DIY blog?

The two main picture-based social media platforms are Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest, especially, has a large DIYer following.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making homemade mayo or putting in new sub-flooring, there are pins or a YouTube video devoted to it.

Don’t Ignore Video Content

Some people may say a picture is worth a thousand words. YouTube doesn’t care what anyone says.

Owned by Google, YouTube is the way of the future.

Video content is not just in demand, people are watching it everywhere. On the way to work, at work, and at home. People in every age group and from all over the world.

Starting your YouTube channel and integrating it into your blog is a great way to connect with more people, whether you’re selling Biological Health Services or teaching people how to knit caps.

Bloggers Talk

Bloggers don’t just chat with their readers and viewers. They also talk amongst themselves. If you think being the new guy or gal and doing big things is not making you the talk of private circles, think again.

If especially well-known bloggers reach out to you, make sure to be kind. You have a lot to learn and these people can provide the ins and outs to fast track your success.

Don’t make enemies any enemies, and seek out these opportunities.


While social media gets your DIY blog in front of people, SEO brings them in from other channels.

Doing a Google search for “DIY mold removal” isn’t going to show your blog post on the issue if you just posted it last week. That’s not how SEO works.

SEO, when done properly, can take 3-6 months to get your posts to where they need to be. It’s worth the wait.

Final Thoughts on a DIY Blog

Your dreams of being a pro blogger aren’t impossible. With traffic comes authority and trust, especially if you’re skilled in your chosen sub-niche.

You can leverage this authority and trust into dollar bills by utilizing affiliate marketing techniques and the right ad networks.

If you are ready to put yourself out there, then do it. Above everything else, be yourself. Smile and laugh and show the world how much fun you’re having.

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