Employee Recognition Award: Top Employee Recognition Ideas That Work

Employee Recognition Award

As more and more employees start working remotely or off-site, employee recognition becomes even more paramount. You don’t want your remote or on-site employees to feel unappreciated.

Well, there are many ways to set up an employee recognition award. And each company will do it differently depending on its culture. So keep reading for ideas on employee recognition awards that work across organizations and cultures.

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Use an Employee Recognition Platform

If you have a massive organization with many different locations, you will want a coherent system to recognize employees and their various achievements.

Showing employee recognition becomes more manageable and almost automatic when using a platform that is specific to it. It also ensures no employee drops through the cracks due to stressed-out superiors. Or management that’s too busy to pay proper attention.

Allow Employees to Recognize Each Other

Not only direct supervisors and management but colleagues should be allowed to give recognition and rewards to employees as well. For example, there are many occasions when a supervisor might miss an employee’s hard work. But they might be recognized by someone working with them.

The colleague should be allowed to give recognition anonymously or in person if that’s what they prefer. It could be as easy as giving out “Shining Employee” awards or gift cards for a free lunch or drinks at a local bar. But, again, it’s not the item that’s given but the recognition that comes with it that matters most.

Have Employee Recognition Days

It’s also a good idea to have specific employee recognition days, maybe once a quarter or even once a month, where employees get recognized as a whole for all their achievements. Not only is this an excellent way to share the good news across the organization, but it’s also fun to bring the company together in camaraderie and optimism.

Recognize Them in Private if Your Employee Is Shy

Not every employee is going to enjoy having their trumpet blown in public. Some of them might hate being acknowledged publicly and shy away from it. That’s why you need to understand each employee and reward their achievements in a way that suits them best.

Some of them will want a private lunch rather than fanfare at the company lunch. Or they might want a simple gift certificate to a local coffee shop or steakhouse.

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An Employee Recognition Award Goes a Long Way

If your organization is already hectic, adding an employee recognition award to the list might seem just another annoyance. But it’s essential to spend time recognizing employees as that can motivate them to do better and better in the future.

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