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CSS Cheat Sheet Introduction

Comprehensive CSS Cheat Sheet + PDF

Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, are the background of web design and development. It’s the kind of thing that beginners look at and then calmly run the other way. The time and effort required to grasp, let alone learn, CSS can be intimidating, but if you’re here, then you’ve already been through that […]

How to Design the Perfect Website

How to Design the Perfect Website

Is it just me, or does the concept of learning how to design a website sound scary? Web design is such a huge concept that involves all kinds of things, from visuals, to specific elements, and much, much more. To a beginner, all of this can seem overwhelming. Take a deep breath, I’m here to […]

15 ways you can Increase Conversion Rate immediately

15 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Creating a website, designing it, and setting it up for success is a massive undertaking. No matter how much you’ve worked and improved upon your marketing tactics, increasing your website’s conversion rate should be the first task on your priority list (and something you should revisit often). This initiative of taking as many visitors as possible and […]