Daring Destinations: 5 Unique Cruise Destinations Around the World

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According to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), approximately 30 million passengers will be ocean cruising all over the world in 2019.

With more ships debuting, you have unlimited access to great experiences. The ships are also offering mouthwatering perks that will make your experience on board memorable. These include spa experiences, onboard entertainment, bars, casinos and so much more. As a traveler, you want to see the world in a conscious and mindful way.

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You can now access some travel destinations on a cruise that was previously out of reach from the Galapagos to Antarctica. Whether you are cruising during peak or off-peak seasons, make your next vacation the most memorable.

Learn about these unique cruise destinations around the world.

1. Komodo Island

Komodo Island in Indonesia is home to the Komodo dragon which is the largest living lizard that is 3meters long. It also has a beach with pink sand, one of the only seven in the world.

The Komodo Island National Park covers the entire region with over 4000 dragons. Over 1000 species of fish, dolphins, manta rays, sharks, whales, and sea turtles.

This destination is popular for scuba diving on locations like Batu Bolong on the north coast or the pink beach.

Cruise ships can only dock at the island port if the trip is an organized tour. This is because of its ecosystem that is fragile and needs to be well preserved. It’s listed as a heritage site, man and Biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Ensure you make your travel plans well in advance so that you can enjoy spectacular green hills and mountains while you trek as the island has no roads or cars.

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2. St Petersburg

This is a unique cruise Russian port that is rich in culture and history that is well crafted and designed on its architecture. This is Russia’s cultural center that hosts the Russian museum. During your tour, you will visit the church on the spilled blood that is beautifully decorated with mosaics.

It’s highly recommended to travel to St Petersburg between May and mid-June when the city experiences the ‘’white nights”. The sun barely goes below the horizon during the white nights and the local people take advantage to celebrate, have concerts and other festivals during this time.

Be sure to experience the wealth of heritage and art at the Mariinsky theatre that hosts for opera and ballet that you will not find in any other place.

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3. Jeju Island

Jeju Island is off the coast of South Korea and is a beautiful vacation spot throughout Asia. It hosts three UNESCO world heritage sites and is home to exquisite beaches and pristine nature. You can enjoy nature walks on the mountain or visit the lava tube caves that are carved from the volcano that created the island.

You can also enjoy a stroll on the love island which is a sex-themed sculpture park that has a rich history in making newlyweds relax and enjoy their honeymoon. You will see tour options of the island rich in exotic spots. To visit this park, you have to be at least 18 years old

4. Reunion Island as A Cruise Destination

It’s also referred to as Le Port Reunion and is a French department in the Indian Ocean. It’s a popular destination for tourists who visit the iconic landmark Piton de la Fournaise, which is an ascendable active volcano. Reunion Island is known for its rainforest interiors, beaches, and coral reef.

The tropical and unique beaches are something to behold. You can go to the heritage beach which is a white sandy beach that has casuarina trees where you can have your picnic. The best time to travel to the Reunion is in November when there are film festivals and you can watch movies at the beach.

There is an array of marine wildlife such as parrotfish, conger eels, emperor angelfish, and sea turtles. If you love birds you can see the white-tailed tropicbird the largest land animal at the Reunion Island is the panther chameleon However, you can’t surf or swim in the reunion waters as they are infested with sharks.

5. The Suez Canal (Passage) Egypt

The canal was built to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and is home to Egypt’s most beautiful sights. It’s a canal between continents and as you pass through you’ll pass canal-side cities and villages.

On the north entrance, there is the Port Said which is a cosmopolitan port city that has gorgeous lush gardens, European inspired buildings, and mosques. The historical buildings include a light-house that is octagon shaped. It’s the longest standing building in the city.

You will sail along Ismailia as you admire the colonial villas and a view of the seaport. You will spot the Coptic church of Ismailia with its cross-topped domes and the Suez Canal Bridge that connects Africa and Asia.

You will also notice the bridge has two massive pylons on both sides of the canal. One is in Africa and the other in Asia

Itinerary for Your Cruise Destinations

One of the major elements of a cruise is the itinerary and the destination. You need to know which ship to cruise on to get to the exotic and unique destinations listed above. You also need to when to sail.

Your sail departure may be influenced by special events however, your destination can affect your travel dates. Ensure they are in sync.

When you are planning your cruise vacation, note there are different types of itineraries that are available at different times of the year. Some cruises only happen during summer months while others are available throughout the year.

Let’s Get Cruising for the Next Vacation

The best cruise destinations should be coupled with multiple activities that will make you feel good and right at home as you enjoy different cultures, cuisines, and heritage.

As cruising offers a wide range of destinations, you can seek adventure across the globe. Ensure you pack your camera, laptop, and a notebook so that you can make memories as you traverse the world.

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