How to Create a Blog to Maximize Your MLM Opportunities

mlm opportunities

mlm opportunitiesYou’ve seen other people doing it. Your mom hustles some Mary Kay on the side to her church buddies. Your girlfriend sells Young Living oils to help cover some of her college tuition.

They make some cash here and there. It might not be enough to buy a car or a house, but enough to keep a little extra change in their pocket.

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Yet you hear stories about these MLM opportunities where people are raking in some serious cash. What’s the difference between them and what your mom and girlfriend are doing?

The difference, my friend, is blogging. Today, we’re going to tell you how to start a blog. And not just any blog.

One that can catapult your MLM business to the moon. Keep reading.

Blogging and MLM Opportunities

To get started, we’re going to keep it really simple. WordPress powers nearly one-third of all websites. It’s a really awesome, user-friendly website builder and we highly recommend it.

Next, pick a host. Do your research and go with a host that sounds like a good fit for you. If you’ve been doing the MLM thing for a while, talk with other bloggers in your niche to find out who they use.

At this point, you’ll pick a theme. We advise you to choose a premium theme from a business with solid customer support and updating. Free themes aren’t regularly updated, provide zero customer support, and are easily hackable.

The Set Up

You’ve got your theme picked out and you’re all set up and ready to go. Think about how you want to build the site.

Do you want a blog only? We suggest coming up with a variety of categories.

Don’t make the entire site about your business. Adding in a weekly or monthly personal (but not too personal!) journal is a great way to give your readers a view of the person who’s behind the site.


Search engine crawlers aren’t particularly keen on websites that are riddled with ads and affiliate/MLM links. To avoid being punished, place all of your information about MLM opportunities on one page and name it something like “resources”.

In doing this, you avoid annoying your readers and possibly damaging your website’s search engine ranking.


Chances are good that you MLM leaders have let you in on the power of social media. One major issue is how many of these people push their MLM opportunities on social media and their websites.

Your goal and the goal of a great MLM business is to help people Learn More, interact and have normal conversations with social media followers.

When someone leaves a comment on your blog, make sure to reply and thank them for reading.

Keep the conversation going with anyone willing to talk to you, especially in the beginning.

The Takeaway

Above everything else, be yourself and have fun.

Your sales and your team will look for a leader they can look up to and inspires them. It’s one thing to be business minded and another to be obsessive.

If you get into MLM opportunities for the right reasons and market and promote yourself well without overdoing it, you will go far with your new business.

We’d like to hear your opinions on the matter. Leave a comment below.