Considering WordPress Multiple Blogs? Here’s How to Manage Them Without Going Crazy

wordpress multiple blogs

We all know someone who has a blog. Or two blogs, but more? Can you do that without going crazy?

Yes, you can deal with WordPress multiple blogs with a little dedication and planning.

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WordPress Multiple Blogs: Why?

When you’re blogging, you want to find a very specific niche. That niche has limits and you can’t use a niche blog as a catch-all.

Sometimes this is frustrating, you have a post you want to write but nowhere to put it. Doesn’t fit on your current blog, so why not put it on another one?

For example, you can have a blog for work and a blog for play. This is a great way not to spread your monetization too thin since your personal ramblings likely won’t make a ton of money.

Create a site where you can leave your random thoughts, so it doesn’t muck up your niche blog.

Having a second blog is a good creative outlet for writers at heart. We get it, you don’t always want to search for keywords before sitting down and writing.

Take the pressure off and get the words out in a personal post on your free-writing blog.

Tips for Managing Multiple Blogs

Okay, so let’s say you have three blogs. That seems overwhelming, but hey- one’s just for fun!

With your two blogs that you need to create content for, take half an hour a week to plan out the strategy.

What are your goals for blog one for this week? How many posts are you going to make? What kind of traffic do you want?

Answer these questions and list your ideas for posts. If you still have time (15-30 minutes per blog) find one or two keywords for each post.

Repeat for your second monetized blog. Now, in less than an hour you’ve reduced your workload and gotten your thoughts on paper.

Knowing what you need to do makes things easier and less overwhelming. If you’re that kind of person, put the day you’re going to write which post next to each idea.

You can get down to the hour if it helps, but don’t glue yourself into a time if you need more flexibility.

During the Week

Now that you have your plans, take 20 minutes per day, per post. Use five of those minutes to research, ten to write, and five to edit.

If you have time, start a draft for the next day. Try to keep all 20 minutes on one task, or at least one blog.

The human brain is NOT made to multi-task. The studies proving this are depressing. We can’t be everywhere and do everything at the same time, as much as we want to.

Ten to Write, Is That Too Short?

Most likely, no. If you’re writing long-form content then yes. For most of us, however, our readers don’t need long posts (see next point).

Think about when you were a kid in art class. You had that one hour a week to do one project right? You concentrated hard and stayed excited during the process.

The same goes for writing. You don’t need to over-edit, stress about placement, any of that. Your readers know that you’re human and that’s okay.

If you make a mistake, go back and edit it when you notice it. It’ll give you a good piece of humanity that readers will relate to, not make fun of.

KISS: Keep it Simple & Short

Yes, that’s not the real acronym, but it works for this strategy. Your readers expect you to produce content, but they’re not looking for you to write a book.

In fact, we’re concentrating less and less now, so short posts hold attention better. This seems counter-intuitive since SEO is moving towards long-form blogs, but what can you do?

You have to make your readers happy first, then address the Google gods later.

Talk to People

The comments of your posts are a place you can connect with readers. Thank them for reading, ask them what they thought, or answer their questions.

If they ask questions, you’ve hit the jackpot. For every one person that asks a question, there are five who thought it but didn’t ask.

Use that question to create content for you! They gave you the idea for a post, where you can answer that question and related ones.

In the new post, thank them for their question and address them in the text.

Seeing that you not only answer questions but value them enough to make a new post encourages readers to ask more.

More asking equals more engagement and who doesn’t want that?

Edit Last

We touched on this in our 20-minute method before, but writing comes first.

You want to write first, then edit. If you edit and write at the same time you suppress your ideas.

While writing, think about the backspace button as your enemy. Grammarly will catch that typo for you, do you need to take three seconds to backspace and retype?

The same goes for inserting links or looking up information. If you need a name or a quote, don’t stop writing to find it.

Instead, put a placeholder like ____ or [PUT QUOTE HERE] and fill it in when you’re done.

Your writing style will improve, you’ll get faster, and your voice will shine through.

You’re a Star!

We hope this post showed you it’s possible to keep multiple sites up at once. WordPress multiple blogs are a great way to increase income and even the quality of your blogs.

Remember that every post has a home, but not every blog is the home for that post.

Write quickly, plan your posts, and concentrate on one at a time. You can do this!

For more blog tips or help, check out our site. We practice what we preach!