How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Images for Your Blog

fotolia 94935875 subscription monthly m

fotolia 94935875 subscription monthly mThough it’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, most people do. The same goes for your blog.

If there are no images to draw online users in, online users will not give your content a chance in the first place, regardless of how intriguing it is.

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But how exactly do you find appropriate images to draw your potential readers in?

Here is how to choose the right digital marketing images for your blog.

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Images

Make Sure You’re Allowed to Use Them

Before putting any images on your blog, you must be absolutely certain that you’re legally allowed to use them. Just because an image already exists on the internet doesn’t necessarily give you the right to put it on your blog.

You have the option to either pay for images or to use free creative commons images. While paid images are often more striking, there are plenty of high-quality creative commons images available online.

Choose the Highest of Quality

There’s no better way to drag down the value of a blog post than by accompanying it with poor quality digital marketing images. For this reason, you need to ensure that the images you use possess a satisfactory image resolution.

Image resolution can be measured by DPI, or dots per inch. The higher the DPI, the greater the resolution of the image. As a rule of thumb, you should use images of at least 72 DPI. But as another rule of thumb: the higher the DPI, the better.

Ensure That They’re Relevant

While any image is better than no image, an image that has no relevance to the information being discussed in your blog post won’t do a lot of good. The images that you use should give readers an idea as to what your post is about before they even lay their eyes on any words.

For example, if you’re discussing how to choose the right HVAC system, don’t just use a picture of a random smiling person. Choose a picture of either an HVAC system or of someone installing an HVAC system.

Evoke Emotions

Your main goal when running a blog should be to give it a feeling of liveliness. The last thing you want it to be is boring. For this reason, you need to select images which evoke emotions.

Perhaps the best way to evoke emotions through images is by using images of people. Isula Nature Organic Maca does a great job of accomplishing this on its website by using pictures of reactive and smiling human beings.

Images such as these make a blog post more than just words on a screen. They turn it into something like a living, breathing entity.

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