How You Can Monetize Your Marriage Blog Overnight

marriage blog

For some, writing is a hobby. For others, they want to make a living off of their words. Monetizing your blog should be easy, but several bloggers struggle to make money .

If your website has consistent traffic and a devoted following, monetizing your blog can be easy — if you follow a certain method.

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This is important if you have a marriage blog. Marriage is an important topic — there are questions regarding commitment and keeping love strong for the coming years, as well as legal and financial advice.

If you want to make money off of your marriage blog, follow this advice.

Become an Affiliate

This is a great method when you want to make money and cross-promote with other brands in your niche. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other brands and the brand tracks the number of customers you bring in.

Your sales are tracked using a code, which is usually a sale coupon. You receive a percentage of the sale when your code is used during checkout.

What’s the best way to promote this brand? Optimize content. Write content or film yourself and the product.

What are some examples of brands you promote with a marriage blog? Wedding dresses, tuxedos, wedding accessories, even beauty products can be examples.

Let these brands come to you or research brands with an affiliate program and apply.


This is one of the best and easiest ways to make money off of your website. However, you need a lot of visitors to make money this way.

The types of ads you display are important. You can use pay-per-click (or PPC) ads where you make money when someone clicks the ad. Or you can display ads from a company and charge a small amount.

You’ll be most successful when these ads are in your niche. You can run ads for businesses such as popular wedding venues.

Sell eBooks

If you have a devoted following, you can easily write an eBook and sell it through your website. If your followers enjoy reading your content, they’re willing to pay for it.

A great factor about eBooks is you can discuss topics in-depth, whereas with blogs you have to keep your topics short. For a wedding blog, you can write an eBook on planning a wedding or the perfect honeymoon.

You can even write an eBook about divorce and interview divorce lawyers such as The Texas Divorce Lawyer.

EBooks are popular and can help bring a profit.

Start Bringing in Money with Your Marriage Blog

Monetizing your website isn’t a simple task, but there are creative ways bloggers can use to make a steady income off of their blogs. If writing is a passion, you deserve to make a profit off.

A marriage blog is a great outlet when trying to bring in money from blogging. If you’re an expert in all facets of marriage, you’ll be seen as an authority figure we can answer any marriage questions.

If you want to start a blog, we can help get you started.