What You Can Learn About SEO Marketing From Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks SEO

Twin Peaks SEOCherry pie, donuts, owls, midgets, and a crazy guy named Bob. You’d think this was a strange pizza dream I had last night. That is, if you hadn’t seen Twin Peaks.

Almost 30 years ago David Lynch and Mark Frost brought the TV world something they had never seen before. A cinematic noir mystery set in some quirky little town in the middle of nowhere Washington.

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It was character driven and a little off beat. But for two seasons it captivated audiences week in and week out.

Now that the Revival season is on Showtime, I decided to analyze the original two seasons and see what they can teach us about SEO marketing.

So, grab a dozen donuts, cause this is going to be a weird trip.

1. Sweet Cherry Pie: Too Much of a Good Thing

Cherry pie is a lascivious dessert. It’s both sweet and seducing and tart and chaste.

In Twin Peaks, cherry pie was a central bit of symbolism. It represented Laura Palmer’s dual nature as both an innocent beloved teenager and a wild and seductive woman.

And later on in the seasons, we see Audrey Horne take on a living role similar to the Laura Palmer character.

From a narrative standpoint, the characters are sparingly used. And while cherry pie is only referenced a handful of times, we remember it and the characters it reflects most out of all the weird Lynchian symbolism.

Why? Because both the characters and the symbols are employed effectively within the story and the narrative.

What does this have to do with SEO strategy? Why everything, I tell you!

Have you ever heard the phrase “too much of a good thing”? Well, in SEO marketing, just like with cherry pie or wild virgins, too much of a good thing will tank your SEO strategy.

If you’re new to SEO marketing, you might think that the more keywords you have in your content, the better. Wrong.

We SEOs call this keyword stuffing. And if you employ the old keyword stuffing technique, your content ends up sounding like a commercial from a Rick and Morty alternate universe.

And really, Google is right to penalize keyword stuffers. While you might think that if Google just lets it work the old way, people would just click your affiliate links or buy your product, you’re wrong.

When people search on the internet, they’re looking for information. And if you present a page of keywords rather than information, they’ll just bounce out anyway.

So, think of it like Google doing you a favor. They’re keeping you from getting sick to your stomach on cherry pie.

2. Donuts: A Policeman’s Dream

Am I making you hungry yet? Donuts are everywhere in Twin Peaks. And there’s something more going on with the donuts in Twin Peaks.

Donuts do two things in the show. They bring a bit of levity to fairly serious work (solving a murder) and they create a shared space for the characters, a connection outside the grim work at hand.

Plus, you just can’t have too many donuts in a cop show, right?

But contrary to my first section, a good thing can exist in massive numbers and not be too much…if it’s shared with a whole bunch of people.

I’m talking backlinks here. Just like your professional network, backlinks prove your website is connected. If people are linking back to your site, you prove to Google that your content is worth something and interesting.

There is no such thing as too many donuts (at least for a Sherrif’s office). So too there is no such thing as too many backlinks. Network with as many in your niche as possible.

3. The Tao of Agent Dale Cooper

Agent Dale Cooper is the quirky center of the Twin Peaks universe. He starts out as a snappy Noir detective and mellows out in the second season to become the keen-eyed investigator.

But Dale Cooper doesn’t fit the mold. His investigative style isn’t your cop-in-a-box method. He was both full of spurious wisdom and uncanny intuition.

He even admitted as much when he said: “I also awoke from the same dream realizing that I had subconsciously gained knowledge of a deductive technique involving mind-body coordination operating hand-in-hand with the deepest level of intuition.”

Sometimes SEO marketing isn’t about hard facts. Because the target is always moving, experience can often outweigh any numerical or statistical analysis.

And while you may not have a Tibetan dream that awakens your consciousness, your gut instinct can be called upon to make decisions for your online endeavors.

4. The Log Lady’s Advice

Advice can come from the most unlikely of places and people. In Twin Peaks, the Log Lady, or Margaret Lanterman as she prefers to be called, was a particularly odd source of advice for Dale Cooper and his investigative team.

The Log Lady carried around, as you would guess, a log. She carried it like a child in her arms and received psychic transmissions directly from the log.

These transmissions helped Dale and his team crack the Laura Palmer case.

But what does this have to do with SEO? It all boils down to good and bad advice.

The internet is full of bad advice on keywords and links and other SEO things. You can’t believe it all. You need an official channel, a direct channel from authoritative sources.

And like Dale Cooper, you need to have a bit of intuition (based on experience) to make sure you’re following the right advice.

5. SEO Marketing: Hiding a Dead Body

If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks, I’m not going to spoil the mystery for you. While 27 years is definitely safe spoiler territory, I know some of you haven’t seen the show yet.

But Laura’s murderer didn’t do a very good job of hiding the body. In fact, the very first scene of the show includes the discovery of Laura Palmer’s body on the shore of some lake.

The murderer sent Laura Palmer sailing down a river. And every murder mystery enthusiast knows, you need to find a suitably deep grave in which to bury your victim.

Page two of Google might actually be deep enough. In fact, it’s been said, “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.”

In essence, if you don’t care about your site, don’t do anything to optimize it. Your murder victim will remain safely on page 2 or lower in Google’s rankings.

Conclusion: Get You Some More of That Cherry Pie

Like a good mystery, SEO is a tough cookie to crack sometimes. But at least you’ll have some cherry pie and some donuts to help you get through it.