Can Internet Marketing Strategies Work with Traditional Ones?

The digital marketing industry could be worth as much as USD 264.15 billion by 2030, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only show in town. Traditional advertising still has an important role to play in commerce and shouldn’t be ignored. 

While some businesses choose to focus on one advertising method over another, this is a crucial mistake. By combining effective internet marketing strategies with offline ads, it’s possible to massively increase your company’s brand awareness and boost sales revenues. 

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Billboards and Geotargeted Ads

Sending geotargeted ads is an advanced form of digital marketing that is becoming more and more popular. It works by sending a digital ad to consumers when they are in a particular location such as when they are walking past a certain store.  

Imagine if they were to then look up and see a billboard advertising the same business. This can be a powerful way to emphasize your message amongst your target audience. 

Offline and Online Magazine Ads

Just about every print publication now has an online site as well. This means you can buy both traditional print advertising space and also digital space on their website. 

This can help expand your reach to customers who prefer to read hard copies of the publication, and also those who read on their smart devices. 

Online User Intent and Telephone Calls

Cold calling is a traditional marketing method that has a poor reputation. But, this may be because callers were trying to sell products that people had no interest in and were never going to buy.  

However, if a consumer has been on your business website and signed up to your email list, they will have an interest in your products and services. When a customer is becoming one of your email subscribers, you could ask for their phone number. You could also ask them to tick a box if they would like you to give them a quick and more traditional phone call.

This approach means your staff can look forward to calling warm rather than cold leads.

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Digital Advertising for Local Events

You may enjoy holding sales events at your brick-and-mortar store, but struggle to get people through the door. However, you can promote these occasions via social media marketing to create a buzz and increase footfall. You can even ask your customers to share your posts to reach an even larger audience. 

If you are not an expert with this type of advertising technique, you could hire professional help. You can visit to find out how the best digital marketing services can deliver outstanding results for your business.

Combine Your Internet Marketing Strategies With Traditional Advertising

Combining internet marketing strategies with traditional marketing methods can help take your business to the next level.

Many firms enjoy great success by buying both online and offline ad space in publications. In addition, using geotargeting and billboard advertising is an excellent way to reinforce your brand’s message.

You can also bring in a considerable amount of new business by promoting your physical sales events online. 

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