Where Can You Get Inbound Marketing Blog Inspiration?

inbound marketing blog

inbound marketing blogA blog can be a significant inbound marketing tool.

Companies that blog on a bi-weekly basis bring in up to 70% more traffic than companies who don’t have or regularly use a blog.

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Looking to start a blog, but not sure where to start?

For inspiration, look no further than these seven prime examples of an inbound marketing blog done right:

1. Adhere Creative

At Adhere Creative their blog focuses on topics like simple brand development, SEO strategies for hiding negative reviews, and metrics to track in order to build your brand.

If you’re looking to refresh your brand identity or simply up your game a little, follow them.

2. MOZ

If you’re looking to learn how to better your link building or produce better content, then MOZ is the place to be searching.

This inbound marketing blog is a goldmine of inspiration that is written by industry’s top minds to provide you with the best insight.

3. Oonie

From improving your traffic and Google rankings to home-based business ideas, the inbound marketing blog at Oonie is a diverse source for anyone interested in the online world.

Aside from their SEO services and web-design, which you can Learn More about here, the people behind Oonie provide a wide range of interesting reading.

4. PR 20/20

PR 20/20 is an outcome driven marketing firm that boasts the title of Hubspot’s first agency partner (and is now 1 of around 1,500 agencies with this title!)

The blog at PR 20/20 features topics ranging from strategy and SEO to content and information about various marketing and email technologies.

5. Kuno Creative

Learn how to boost results in Facebook marketing, what you could be doing wrong in your digital marketing efforts, and read up on trends that are impacting the scene on the Kuno Creative blog.

Don’t skip this site and let yourself miss out on advice that will keep you at the front of the pack.

6. For Entrepreneurs

Anyone who has a passion for business and a thirst for knowledge needs to be following this blog.

Created by David Skok, For Entrepreneurs offers various tactics and advice to the readers on building a successful company.

For Entrepreneurs features everything from how to get started and find funding to how to continue growth and maintain a stable and successful business.


The IMPACT blog focuses on topics related to optimization of conversion rates, design, inbound marketing, and sales.

This blog also features an online web show dedicated to the same topics titled The IMPACT show.

The IMPACT show allows for informative discussion on topics you want to be learning about in an easy to consume format.

Start Your Inbound Marketing Blog Now!

The longer you wait to get started, the more potential customers you could be losing.

Still not sure about where to begin or how to grow your inbound marketing blog?

Follow our blog and pull inspiration from these 7 awesome sites.

If that’s still not enough, check out a company who specializes in design and SEO that can help you like the ones mentioned above!