The Blogger’s Bible: 15 Must Read Blogs

Blogs You Have to Read

Blogs You Have to Read

We’ve all heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, and while it may seem like an overused phrase, it certainly applies here.

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Allow me to elaborate…

Blogging is a skill that can only be mastered by constantly growing and improving.

You may be an absolute blogging prodigy, but you’ll never find your true potential unless you branch out, connect with like-minded bloggers and catch up on other blogs for tips, tricks, and strategies.

That being said, everyone should have a Blogging Bible, which is a fancy way of saying that you need a list of must read blogs that you refer to on a daily or weekly basis.Bible of Blogging

These blogs should be high quality, well maintained, and written by experts in the field. They will help you learn from their mistakes and hopefully avoid a few yourself.

Instead of trying to sift through the internet like a miner looking for flakes of gold in a river bed, I’m going to help you strike oil and show you my personal list of 15 blogs that I read every day.

Here’s our Roadmap for Today:
  • Matt Banner’s list of 15 essential blogs to read on a daily basis
  • Preview into what each blog specializes in and what you can expect
  • If you haven’t started blogging, I delve into finding inspiration to start your blog today


15 Blogs You Should Be Reading Every Day

1. QuickSprout


It seems like you can’t go anywhere in the blogging sphere and not bump into Neil Patel. Besides being the brains behind the phenomenal QuickSprout blog, Neil is also the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics.

He is recognized as a top influencer on the web, Forbes named him one of the top 10 online marketers, and the list just goes on and on.

He didn’t make it all this way through sheer luck though, his blog is constantly updated with interesting and incredibly useful posts. All it takes is five minutes on the site to learn several new things you probably didn’t know about blogging.

Here’s what Quick Sprout can offer you:

  • In-depth and easy to read tips and strategies around blogging, content, SEO, etc
  • Networking and link building tips
  • How to get your blog off the ground
  • Tip for generating leads and increasing conversion rates
  • Plenty more


2. Backlinko


Link building is a crucial part of increasing your blog’s organic traffic and ultimately generating leads. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but Brian Dean over at Backlinko has an entire blog, and a email newsletter that are chock full of tips and tricks to increase your blog’s traffic.

It’s remarkable that this kind of stuff is free, isn’t it? Brian is a SEO expert and a international entrepreneur so he has the background and the advice that we all need to hear.

He’s a firm believer in the power of link building as a means to grow your blog and your business. He offers practical and easy to understand techniques for his readers to take control of their success and utilize his actionable tips.

Here’s what you’ll find on Backlinko when you visit:

  • A Free email newsletter with tips, tricks, and actionable strategies.
  • Tactics to build your links that you can implement immediately
  • Bonus SEO strategies and methods of increasing your conversion rates


3. Seth’s Blog

seth's Blog

This blog is maintained by bestselling author Seth Godin. With over 17 books under his belt, translated into 35 languages, he has quite the brain inside that cranium of his.

Seth’s Blog is a great way to find quick tips and tricks that don’t require you to sift through thousands of words.

His style of writing is sharp and quick, his posts are bite sized chunks that you can digest quickly and move on to the next one. This one is great when you’re stuck and you need a little push to get back into your groove.

Here’s what you’ll find on Seth’s Blog:

  • Sharp writing and concentrated posts with zero fluff
  • Tips and strategies integrated seamlessly into well written anecdotes
  • Short though provoking posts that get your creative juices flowing


4. Rand’s Moz Blog

Rand Fishkin Moz

Rand Fishkin over at Moz is a talented and quirky blogger who has a lot to offer you if you devote some time to read his posts.

He goes by the title Wizard of Moz and he is the founder and former CEO of the software business. He runs multiple blogs and has a presence on almost every social media site you can imagine. (For more social media tips, check out this cheat sheet infographic).

The first thing you’ll notice is Rand’s style of writing. He’s very casual while also sticking close to the point of the matter. For example, a recent post from him was about how SEO and Google don’t change as much as we seem to think.

He openly challenges three major assumptions about SEO. This is a great example of going against the grain for the sake of discovering something new. Here’s what else you can gain from reading his blog:

  • Posts that aren’t afraid to challenge the norms (you should do these too, and the examples here show you how to do it right.)
  • Posts written with confidence, data, and conviction that can inspire you to write your own.
  • Concepts that think outside the box (an example is a recent post he did about independent games and how they provide insights into marketing.)


5. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward

While not explicitly stated on his blog, I’m pretty convinced that the name Matt just guarantees you success.

Well, that, and a lot of hard work. Matthew Woodward’s blog, which shares a name with the author, is a well-written and absolutely packed resource full of all kinds of great online blogging tips and plenty more.

Matthew Woodward himself is a 28 year old full-time internet guru that lives in the UK. His blog can provide you with a number of great resources, including but not limited to the following:

  • Link Building
  • Traffic Generation
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEO tips


6. SEO by the Sea

SEO by the Sea

Staying in the loop when it comes to new SEO patents and whitepapers is a full-time job. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself because Bill Slawski has you covered! His website, SEO by the Sea is constantly updated with new information about search engines, SEO, and the ever shifting field of algorithms.

Bill is a trusted expert, he’s been engrained in the internet marketing industry and professional SEO since 1996. In addition to his blog, he also offers services to other sites that help improve their ranks and make them easier to find.

Here’s what his website can offer you when you visit each time:

  • Valuable information on how search engines function and processes behind them
  • Up to date information about how pages are ranked and what’s working
  • White papers and patent information that help you prepare for upcoming changes


7. Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard

Adam Connell’s website, Blogging Wizard, is an excellent example of how to properly design your blog and your content to be scannable, easy to read, and engaging. All of his posts have short, tight paragraphs and plenty of headers and bullet points. Honestly, that would be reason enough to check out his blog.

Blogging Wizard goes beyond great design though, it’s also filled with tons of great how-to-guides, lists, and advice from the man himself.

An example is a recent post he did about his blog being hacked and tips on how to stop it from happening to you. Here’s what you stand to gain from reading his blog:

  • Actionable tips and great advice to better your blog
  • Reviews of products and services
  • Lists of SEO strategies and tools to use


8. Entrepreneurs-Journey


This incredible resource known only as, is written and maintained by Yaro Starak, an accomplished online businessman who has made over a million dollars blogging.

He has a simple business model that involves starting your blog, creating an email newsletter, and selling your own products.

With plenty of success to speak of, Yaro has a lot of knowledge to offer you. By reading his site, you can learn about his “Blog Sales Funnel” technique that he uses to generate conversions and sales consistently.

His advice is real, personal, and actionable which makes it all the more easy to read and understand. Here’s what his blog can offer you:

  • Stories of personal experience and valuable advice
  • In-depth guides and step-by-step posts
  • Business tips from a successful expert


9. Cyrus’ Moz Blog

Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard’s blog posts over at Moz will open your eyes to truly advanced and exciting SEO concepts you may have never heard of before. He has experience working as an SEO consultant, a content marketer, and a start-up adviser.

He currently works as a Senior Content Producer for Moz and writes phenomenal posts about advanced SEO

What I like most about posts from Cyrus Shepard are the way they take incredibly complex concepts and explain them in a understandable manner. He uses great charts and images to illustrate his points and his advice is always spot on.

Reading Cyrus’ posts will give you a lot to work with:

  • Cutting Edge SEO tips and strategies
  • Great content and images to help explain advanced concepts
  • Future SEO trends explained today
  • Interesting case studies and examinations


10. OkDork


Noah Kagan’s blog, entitled OkDork is a popular resource that provides you with marketing tips, self-exploration posts, and the occasional post about Mexican food or tacos, because why not?

Noah offers advice on all types of internet marketing like writing emails, growing your newsletter lists, and convincing your leads to become paying customers.

He works as the Chief Sumo over at which is a great WordPress plugin that I recommend by the way. His blog is unique in its sense of humor and his personal approach to making things like internet marketing easy to understand.

Here’s what you’ll gain from reading his blog:

  • Book recommendations and reviews
  • How-to-guides and valuable lists
  • Email marketing tips and strategies
  • Startup guides and tips


11. Zen Habits

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta’s blog, Zen Habits, is one of the top 25 blogs and among the top 50 websites in the world. What I love about reading his posts, is the focus he has on helping people clear their minds of clutter and control the chaos of daily life.

Working as a blogger is no easy task, and the stress levels can be through the roof, so it’s nice to read Leo’s blog and put things back into perspective. His posts on simplicity, health, motivation, inspiration, and more will always give you the boost you need to get through the day when you’re feeling down.

This blog can offer you plenty of benefits:

  • An opportunity to see a simplistic web design that works really well
  • Posts that make you think and help you control your stress
  • Inspiration to write your won posts
  • A constant resource to refer to when life gets complicated


12. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income

The author of Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn, describes himself as a “crash test dummy of online business.” He’s found success working online and he wants nothing more than to share his secrets with you.

Truly a noble pursuit, especially because his about page even says that he wants you to “make decisions on your own without having to pay someone and be subjected to the possibility of false claims and wasted money.”

Someone who truly cares about helping out and providing real, honest information is rare these days. Pat’s a great guy and his tips are invaluable. Here’s what he will help you achieve by reading his blog:

  • Fully transparent information on his strategies and success
  • Backlinking strategies and SEO tips
  • Building your traffic and improving your conversion rates
  • No-fluff honest advice that doesn’t waste your time


13. ConversionXL


This website, headed by Peep Laja, is designed to provide real and actionable business advice. He works as an entrepreneur and he runs a conversion optimization agency called Markitekt.

If you’re looking for tips to improve your campaigns, your products, landing pages, or pricing, ConversionXL is always ready to provide you with proven strategies.

The site’s about us page talks about what makes this blog different than all the others out there. For starters, the content on here is always backed with real data and it’s always something you can put into action immediately.

The posts are comprehensive as well, written to provide you with every answer you need in one place. Finally, each post is written for capable online bloggers and doesn’t waste your time with needless tutorials.

Here’s what you stand to gain from reading this blog:

  • Up-to-date advice and strategies on squeezing the most out of your visitors
  • Actionable content that you can implement on your own blog
  • Tips on how to improve quality traffic and skyrocket conversions


14. ProBlogger


Darren Rowse, the author of ProBlogger, has an origin story that we all can relate to. Greatness from small beginnings as it were.

He runs the aforementioned blog in addition to Digital Photography School and others. His story began in 2002 when he stumbled onto an article about this new trend called “blogging.”

He started his own blog and it grew from there. Along the way he learned a lot of things about the profession and he’s willing to share it with anyone on the internet for free.

The only thing he’s selling is his book, and if you like his blog, that’s an easy decision. ProBlogger may have started as a means to keep track of what Darren learned, but now it’s a resource we can all take advantage of.

Here’s what the site can offer you:

  • Over 7,000 articles
  • Case studies, how-to-guides, tutorials and more
  • Expert advice from a Blogging pioneer


15. ViperChill


As the name suggests, ViperChill is a relaxed approach to providing an all-round resource for everyone from beginners to advanced marketers. The casual, or “chill” style of writing makes this site inviting for any and all visitors.

Many of the resources are completely free and there are even some online video courses you can watch without spending a dime.

The author who just goes by the name of Glen, is a 22-year old guy who has managed to build an entire life for himself working online.

If anything, that’s incredibly inspiring for those of us looking to do the same. This is another great resource where the author’s entire motivation is to help others make their living online.

Here’s what ViperChill can offer you:

  • Limitless posts and online video courses for all levels of expertise
  • Quality tips and lists that empower you to take control of your success
  • Honest and transparent advice that is designed to help you

Are you Feeling Inspired Yet?

You may have a blog already, or you may be thinking about starting a blog. Either way, these resources can help you immensely with not only your business and your site, but how to manage your life in this demanding but also rewarding career.

I’ve never once second guessed my decision to do this for a living, and once you start, you won’t either.

Lightbulb of inspirationIf you don’t have a blog yet, allow me to offer you some quick tips to set up a blog today.

Honestly, you can have it all up and running in less than ten minutes, so there’s nothing stopping you from living the dream.

There are countless numbers of blogging platforms and hosting services out there, but I can help with that as well.

We trust each other, right? I’m Matt Banner, and I’m in this to help people break away from the 9 to 5 grind and live their lives on their own terms. I want you to share you knowledge with the world like all fifteen of the blogs above. That being said, here’s what I recommend:

  • Set up your hosting plan using my handy guide.
  • When it comes time to choose your blogging platform, stick with WordPress
  • Start blogging!

Be Free, Fly Away and Blog!

Inspiration is perhaps one of the most valuable commodities we bloggers have. This list of must read blogs will connect you to countless articles, tips, and strategies.

Take this knowledge, let it inspire you, and join this ever growing profession. Your time is always appreciated so thank you as always for reading.

Don’t forget, I love hearing from you so be sure to leave a message in the comments below!