Blogger Pricing: How Much Money to Spend on Your Blogging

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Today, 81 percent of B2B companies use blogging as a way to market their products and services.  By focusing more on blogging, these marketers have a 13 percent higher chance of receiving a high ROI.

One common question you will encounter when starting your blog is: how much should you spend on your blog?

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B2B marketers use 39 percent of their advertisement budget on content marketing with the primary focus of generating five times more conversions. The amount to spend depends on the complexity or simplicity of your blog.

It does not take much to create your blog. Here are important areas for you to cover with your blogger pricing.

1. Domain Name

A domain name provides a business name and address for your blog. People will only find your business on the internet if it has a great domain name.

There are various sites that you can buy a desirable domain name. The usual price ranges from $7 to $15 per year. When you purchase a domain, you need to renew it each year.

2. Web Hosting

For your content to stay on the internet and gain widespread visibility, you need to get a web hosting service. As a blogger, you do not need to concern yourself with the technicalities of the process.

You can find an excellent hosting company from the internet where you will not have to pay more than $10 to host your domain name.

You can pay the amount monthly or on an annual billing discount. Remember to keep a record of your financial by using a pay stub maker.

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3. WordPress Theme and Plugins

How your website looks to the public is extremely important to your business. You should invest some money and time to acquire a responsive premium theme that you can quickly customize.

There are a variety of themes whose costs lie around $35 to $100 each. You need to choose one depending on your design preference and complexity.

You should invest in getting plugins that can help you automate your content on your blog with ease. You may need to spend about $17 to $97 depending on your requirements.

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4. Content creation

After you create your blog, you need to provide consistent content to increase the traffic of visitors on your site. The type of content you post will determine if you get more visitor or not.

As the owner of the blog, you can write your content, or you can decide to outsource your content needs to freelance writers or content mills.

If you outsource your writing needs, you will pay depending on the agreement you make with the writers. However, the amount can be between .02 to .20 per word depending on the length, topic, and quality of the article.

5. Social Media and SEO Marketing

A majority of businesses rely on social media to build a community. With the various platforms that are available today, it can be hard to manage them separately.

You can invest in an excellent social media tool that will help you manage the content of all your platforms in one go. You can as well get a SEO keyword tracking software that will help you to create content with good rankings.

An Estimate Blogger Pricing

Regardless of the type of blog you intend to start, be it professional or not, you can begin by using only under $100 in a year for the domain and web hosting.

You can then slowly continue investing as you improve your blog experience with time. Contact us today for any inquiries about blogger pricing.

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