Customizing WordPress

So, you’ve finished creating your website, and now you’re sitting on the WordPress dashboard. Now what?  You have this blank slate of a website, so what are you supposed to do with it? Today, we’re going to look at a comprehensive approach to customizing WordPress. Here’s what we’re covering today: 7 Things to do After […]

The 10 Greatest Blog & Domain Name Generators

Before you even start a blog, the name of your blog, or domain name, is incredibly important. It defines who you are, and what your brand represents. Of course, choosing one out of thin air is far easier said than done. Are you in need of some inspiration?  You’re in the right place. Today we’re […]

JavaScript Cheat Sheet + PDF

JavaScript. We’ve all heard of it, but understanding anything beyond the name is not a simple task. That’s why you’re here: It’s time to brush up on your JavaScript.  Since you’re here to learn how to create a website or make a blog from scratch, I’m going to show you what this Javascript programming language […]

Top website builders

Best Website Builders Reviewed

I’ve used website builders in the past, and I’ll be honest… it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience. Programmers who know HTML, CSS, and other languages are a great resource, but for the rest of us, website builders are an excellent alternative. My experience with HTML and CSS helps, but I’m not an expert in these […]