Blog for Teenagers: 5 Young Fashion Bloggers to Follow

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fotolia 126088580 subscription monthly m Are you thinking of starting your own fashion blog for teenagers? If so, you’ll need some inspiration from the teen blogging pioneers who are still going strong.

Launching a blog is easy, but filling it with quality content and fresh topics can sometimes get you stuck. But if you have the style, confidence, and the discipline for it, you can surely make it work.

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At the same time, teenage bloggers are not always taken seriously because of their age. But the examples we compiled in this post prove the exact opposite – that age is just a number when it comes to quality blogging.

So keep reading to discover how to start a teenage fashion blog that people will love to read and follow!

Starting a Fashion Blog for Teenagers? Check These 5 Bloggers Out!

1. Evita Nuh – Creme De La Crop

Evita Nuh is a 15-year-old blogger from Jakarta, Indonesia and is a breath of fresh air in the teen fashion world.

Her style is a mix of eclectic, edgy and at times retro, but still teenage-appropriate and fun.

She also posts about beauty, her life as a teen and her favorite things in life. Evita’s blog, Creme De La Crop is the perfect combination of fashion and her trying to find herself and her place under the sun.

2. Tavi Gevinson – Style Rookie

Tavi Gevinson’s ‘Style Rookie’ is one of the most popular blogs for fashion-conscious teenagers. And this is not an overstatement, given that she started the blog when she was just 11.

Although Tavi’s now 21 and not a teenager anymore, her blog is still the go-to place for teenage fashion inspiration and her incredibly authentic writing.

Nowadays, she runs her own magazine called ‘Rookie’ with teen girls as her target audience.

3. Tolmeia Gregory – Tolly Dolly Posh

Tolly started her fashion blog when she was just 11 years old. Her mission is to help and inspire people to be more confident. But at the same time, she focuses her efforts on ethical fashion.

Tolly takes her blogging endeavors seriously. She’s already been featured in many popular magazines like Marie Claire, Glamour, Dazed and many others.

Her style is unique and she doesn’t blindly follow trends. She prefers to have fun with her outfits rather than own fast fashion pieces.

4. Lily Kate – Joli House

Lily Kate France has been running a successful blog for teenagers called Joli House since 2013. Nowadays, she’s a teen fashion icon and a great one at that.

She says her blog belongs to the “lifestyle” category, posting everything from her travels to her daily ramblings and life tips. So don’t be surprised if you come across her favorite best friend quotes and more personal posts.

Lily’s also passionate about knitting and writes her own knitting patterns.

5. Alexa Curtis –  Life in the Fashion Lane

Alexa started her fashion blog as a way to inspire teenage girls across the country to be themselves.

She decided to blog about teenage fashion since she was only 12 and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Besides covering fashion, she also writes about travel, lifestyle and staying true to yourself.

Final Thoughts

Are you inspired by our teenage fashion blog picks? These girls are taking the fashion industry by storm and teaching others to do the same.

So tell us – which one is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below!