Blog Images: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Your Reader’s Attention

Blog Images: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Your Reader’s Attention

According to TechJury, WordPress hosted five million new blogs per day in the first part of 2021. When you’ve added social media, video, and email to the equation, it’s amazing that internet users aren’t falling apart from information overload every day.

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How are some bloggers generating traffic and leads by the dozen while others fail to get so much as a sideways glance? As a blogger, what can you do to keep people interested in the work you put out?

You can use blog images to get eyeballs to your site.

Want a step-by-step guide to turning blog page images into a full-fledged traffic engagement strategy? Keep reading.


The Case for Using Blogging Images and Videos

Before we get into the practical aspects of using images for blogs, it’s important to understand why such a move is even necessary. After all, if blog posts are meant to be primarily text, are images a good idea?

From a marketing and engagement standpoint, there are at least three reasons why bloggers should be using visual content more often rather than less.

1. It Makes Your Content Sticky 

Think back to the last time you read a really good book. Chances are that you don’t remember the number of pages or the height of the book in inches, but the story was so incredible that you can still remember how it made you feel.

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In the blogosphere, most people don’t have the span of a whole novel to hook people in. If your headline is awesome, chances are that you’ve bought a few extra seconds to leave an impression on your website visitors.

After three days, it’s been said that people will only remember 10 percent of the information they hear. However, if you attach a picture to the information they’re reading, that number shoots up to 65 percent

If research is to be believed, pictures can make your content more easier to remember. 

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2. Video Consumption Is Expected to Grow

To hear Cisco tell it, mobile video consumption was expected to undergo significant growth between 2017 and 2022. And if the size of YouTube is anything to go by, people just can’t get enough of video.

What this means for individuals who are looking to keep people on their sites is that the use of visual mediums can help you go with the current flow of the internet.

3. It Gives Your Blog More Visual Interest

Let’s face it. Some blog topics are impossible to sum up in one or two sentences. We’ve all read, or written, the post that’s meant to end all posts on a given subject.

But at the same time, if people click on your site and are greeted with pages and pages of text, the overall user experience can quickly start to become monotonous. Pictures make it possible for you to break up the text, emphasize your key points, and give people visuals. 

When every click matters, these little details can make a world of difference.

The One Visual Content Question You Need to Ask Yourself 

So let’s assume that you’ve decided to start making blog images a part of your publication process. There’s a single question that every would-be blogger has to answer:

“Where will I get the images?”

There are a number of sites out there that offer free images for blogs. And while those pictures can level up your site if you’re starting from zero, there’s an issue with that:

Remember what we said earlier about the importance of making your blog stand out? If you source your pictures from all the same free sites that every other blogger in your niche is using, your blog will eventually start to blur in with the others.

And once that general sense of sameness kicks in, you’ll have a really hard time building your brand.

For this reason, you’ll see people increasingly telling entrepreneurs and bloggers to take original photos and videos where they can. It looks more professional in most cases and it can also give you the kind of originality that makes people hang on your every word while returning to your site.

If you’ve reached this point, you have two options:

You can pay a professional for exclusive photos and video footage. Or you can take the pictures yourself.

Photography Tips for Bloggers

Okay. You’ve decided to save time and money by taking original photos and videos for your blog. Here’s how you can create a visual experience that says, “I can’t believe this wasn’t taken by an award-winning pro!”. 

1. Choose the Right Tools

Have you ever wondered how some people shoot movies with their iPhones while others are lucky if their footage isn’t being compared to online BigFoot videos?

Sometimes it’s the technique. Okay, in most cases the technique is a part of the problem. But the picture-taking tools you use can have a major effect on the final product.

For example, the mini 3 pro gives fantastic aerial views and sharp footage without requiring you to steady the camera. Whether you’re taking in a breathtaking ocean view or you’re looking for the perfect angle as you showcase your fileting technique, this drone has got you covered.

However, even if you’re using a regular camera or phone, there are tools you can use to take better photos. Maybe you need a camera stand or an additional lens. But either way, once you have a tech stack that you’re comfortable with, the picture-taking process will quickly become a breeze.

2. Look for Natural Light

It seems like lighting is the first piece of advice that experienced photographers tend to give. And, well, it’s because lighting has the potential to make or break your picture.

Here’s what we mean:

Imagine you’re taking a picture of an intimate candlelit dinner. Chances are that you’re probably not using the same lighting scheme that you would if you were shooting a fun day on a tropical beach.

In many ways, your lighting choices can enhance the narrative you’re creating for your audience. 

3. Avoid Overexposure

With so many people hyping up the importance of taking well-lit photos, it can be tempting to say, “The more light the better.”. But the issue with taking this approach is that you could quickly find that your photo is overexposed.

In theory, the issue of using too much lighting should be fixable with the help of PhotoShop. But unfortunately, an overexposed picture can cause you to lose your photo.

To avoid being the person who lost their picture-perfect photo to the ether, you’ll want to watch your camera screen closely. If you notice that some or all of your picture is overexposed, you can adjust your settings until you find a light balance that you’re happy with.

4. Don’t Rush

Have you ever wondered how Instagram influencers are able to take amazing photos at all times of the day?

In many cases, it’s because they’re taking multiple pictures. 

Similarly, when magazines and Hollywood promoters are shooting celebrities, they don’t take just one photo. But the ones we do see are often magical.

If you want to have a reputation for taking awesome blog photos, you’ll need to let go of the idea that getting things done faster is the same as getting things done well.

Give yourself time. Don’t start taking pictures if you know that you have somewhere else you need to be. You’ll be surprised at how much better your footage looks when you’re not rushing to the next photo-taking opportunity. 

Use Custom Blog Images to Elevate Your Site 

Most bloggers are naturally writers and readers at heart. Many of us love reading blocks of well-written text. So much so that whenever there’s a thick new book on our “Recommended Books” list, our hearts skip a beat.

We can’t help it.

In a text-dominant medium that’s often frequented by people who love reading, it’s easy for blog pages to become an afterthought. But as it turns out, blog images aren’t just pics to throw into your posts for visual interest — although they can be effective at that — they’re also a legitimate way for you to make your site and its content more compelling.

If you haven’t been making blog page images a part of your strategy, you could potentially be leaving a lot of traffic and money on the table. Original images make it possible for you to stand out even more. 

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