The Best Mom Blog Ideas for Millennial Parents

mom blog ideas

mom blog ideasMommy blogging is a big industry — and it’s certainly a competitive industry as well.

Today, there are an estimated 4.4 million mom blogs on the Internet. So, if you’re looking to get into mommy blogging, you need to immediately start thinking of what makes you different.

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Millennials are the target demographic for most mommy blogs, because of the power and influence the generation has as consumers. If you want to attract millennial moms to your site, the best way to do it is through creative, funny, and unique blog content.

To really stand out, you need mom blog ideas that are authentic and appeal to the new millennial mom. This goes beyond the basic parenting advice or craft projects. It’s about understanding who the millennial mom is as a person, as well as who she is as a mom.

If you want to make a website that will attract millennials, read on. We’ve put together some great mom blog ideas that your target demographic will be seriously drawn to.

1. The Reality of Parenting Failures

Millennials are interested in authenticity, but so many mom blog ideas promote an idealized version of motherhood. Some bloggers are known to boast about their children, or only write about their parenting successes. That can be isolating to new moms who may not feel like they have it all figured out.

Make your blog a place where moms can talk about the reality of motherhood, including its failures, without judgment. Share stories, and encourage your readers to do the same.

By offering a unique perspective on motherhood, you’ll make your blog a destination where new moms feel supported and encouraged.

2. Raising Kids in the Age of the Internet

For better or worse, the advent of social media has influenced the way we raise our kids.

All parents have a decision to make about what kind of social media presence their child will have, and how early it will begin. Discussing this in a post is a mom blog idea that will definitely interest the millennial mom.

When writing this type of post, be sure that you don’t offer advice or make judgments. Some moms will choose to post pictures of their babies or kids online, and others won’t. Some moms will choose to let their kids have social media pages at a different age than other moms.

There’s no right or wrong way to raise kids in the Internet age, and you don’t want your blog to suggest otherwise. Make it a place for discussion and an exchange of ideas, and moms will feel encouraged to read and share.

3. Activities for Kids That Moms Can Enjoy

As far as mom blog ideas go, there is no shortage of lists of activities that kids will love. But where does that leave moms? Usually on the sidelines, watching their child have a great time while they watch the clock or check their phone.

Putting together a list of activities that kids will like and moms will enjoy is a unique way to show millennial moms that you know what you’re talking about. It will give them confidence in your site, because it appeals to them and proves you know what they’re interested in.

Yes, being a mom is about creating great experiences for your children. But it should also be about sharing in those experiences and having fun yourself.

4. How to Respond to Bullying

Bullying is not a new problem. It is certainly not unique to millennial moms and their kids. But the nature and the severity of the bullying kids face today is different than it was years ago.

So, moms may take a different approach to addressing it with their kids.

Cyber bullying in particular is something that a new generation of moms is dealing with. Because the Internet has made it so easy for us to share our lives online for everyone to see and critique, many kids are targeted.

Writing a thoughtful and well-informed blog post about this topic is a way to let millennial moms know that you understand the unique issues they are dealing with. It will also give them a forum to connect with other moms going through the same thing.

5. Making Time For Self-Care

Being a mom is hard work!

Every mom deserves a little time alone to pamper themselves. One of the mom blog ideas that your site could focus on could be ways that moms can treat themselves to a relaxing night at home or an evening out.

For example, you could suggest products for an at-home spa treatment. This could include things such as a facial mask, bubble bath, or hair removal wax kit. You could put together songs for a relaxing playlist, recommend wines that moms could enjoy, or suggest good books.

If you want to give your blog more of a local focus, you could even suggest restaurants or events where moms could go with their friends or significant other for a night away.

6. Life-Saving Mom Products

Between TV commercials, Internet ads, and email promotions, moms are inundated with stuff. Every product promises to be the one thing that will make parenting easier.

Create posts that give honest opinions and reviews of products, and whether or not they are worth the money. It seems that for every problem or issue a mom might have, there are a dozen products that promise a solution.

Not all of them can actually live up to their promises. Being able to guide moms on what truly works as expected will add practical value to their lives.

Interested in More Mom Blog Ideas?

Before you start a blog, you should always do research on other blogs that focus on your same topic. You can find inspiration for your own posts. Plus, you’ll also figure out the best way to set yourself apart and attract your target readership.

Millennial moms grew up with the Internet, and they’re used to going online for every type of advice or information. Creating unique content that offers true value is the best way to make your site stand out to those readers.

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