How to Become a Professional Recruiting Blogger

professional blogger

professional bloggerYou want to spend more time doing what you do best, and what you do best is helping people.

What tool is going to give you the most reach? The internet.

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And how are you going to utilize the internet to be able to help more people? You’re going to become a professional blogger.

If you’ve got great networking skills and a knack for finding the right jobs for the right people, you can find yourself in a great position to help others and fatten your wallet.

Keep reading for some tips on how to become a professional blogger.

Basic Skills

Do you have what it takes? Have you helped other people find jobs? How are your networking skills?

These are the basic concepts of being a job recruiter. There are also sites that can teach courses on how to learn more about your chosen field.

There is no such thing as “knowing enough”. Never stop learning. It’s what can set you apart from the competition.

Build a Website

You know your niche. Now you need to build a website. This begins with a host.

A host is a term used for a company that owns servers. You pay them a monthly fee to host your website.

Once you have chosen a host, you will set up a WordPress site and pick out a theme. WordPress powers nearly one-third of the internet. It’s a user-friendly platform and you can have the bare bones of your website set-up in under an hour.

Stock It With Goodies

You will design this sign with the client in mind. You’ll need a home page. You will also need your name, address, and phone number for local SEO purposes.

You will likely want a few pages of evergreen content. This is content that will remain fresh for long periods of time.

Things like “How to make a great impression at your job interview.”

You will jam plenty of keywords that you want to rank for in this content. Over the period of several months, Google will see your site when people type these words and phrases into their search engine and you will begin to climb up the rankings.

You’ll also want to research the best plugins to help make your site faster and more SEO friendly.

Blog Hard

Start your blog. This is where we get into some really serious business.

Set a schedule. Blog at least once a week if you want to be taken seriously.

Make sure your posts are liberally sprinkled with keywords, internal links, and external links.

Promote Harder

Promote your blog. Use social media effectively.

Avoid trolls and flame wars. Nothing ever truly goes away on the internet.

Even the most introverted professional blogger has to make friends. Reach out to influencers and other bloggers in the recruiting niche.

Learn from them. Establish a relationship.

This will not only expand your network but could open the doors to other opportunities, such as guest posting and a freelancing career.

Making Money as a Professional Blogger

There are multiple ways to make money as a professional blogger. One way is to build a consulting business out of your blog. Another way is to charge businesses by the lead.

Reach out to businesses who need help and talk to them. Be honest. Tell them what you do, why you do it, and how you like to be compensated.

You could charge the people looking for jobs, but if they’re unemployed, they more than likely don’t have any money.

Businesses looking for new talent do have money. That’s where your focus should be.

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