This is How Your B2B Marketing Blog Gets More Shares in 3 Easy Steps

b2b marketing blog

b2b marketing blogDoes it matter if you have the best B2B marketing blog if no one sees it?

No. We can invest all of our time into creating an amazing blog. But without engagement through social media our B2B blogging efforts fall flat.

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Forbes sites a study that found 70% of businesses use social media. But only 3% use it effectively.

As sad as this statistic is, it demonstrates a competitive advantage for those who do learn how to unleash social’s potential.

Let’s explore how you can do just that.

1) Value All Content Lengths

According to a Pew Research Institute study, people spend 2X longer engaging with long form content (2000+ words) and view it as much as short content. Another study demonstrated that long form gets about 2X the shares as well.

You may be saying: We have a winner with long form!

But wait.

Long form content takes longer to research and write than a shorter piece. You’re more likely to maintain a consistent posting schedule with short form.

As far as B2B marketing best practices go, consistency in this schedule has been shown to be an important factor in your share success over time.

Additionally, you might be able to write 3 600 word posts in the time that you could write a 2000 word post. And together, studies show that 3 posts could generate more shares than 1 long form content piece.

So the take away here is that both long and short content have value. Leverage the strengths of both to get more shares.

2) Choose Topics Wisely

You may think that you know what your customers care about. But how do you know? Is leaving topic decisions to a “guesstimation” really the way to develop a B2B marketing blog strategy?

Instead, follow these micro-steps to always pick the right topics in your industry.

  1. Start with the keywords in your SEO strategies
  2. Search for these keywords online (in forums, social, searches, etc.)
  3. Jot down the topics that come up
  4. Make note of topics that are current like new tools, regulations or happenings
  5. Make note of evergreen topics as well
  6. Identify the ones that are getting the most shares
  7. Allow this to guide your topic generation
  8. Create a mix of evergreen and industry news topics

Then use analytics to determine which topics get the highest engagement. Create more like them on your B2B marketing blog.

3) Create a Shareable Headline

The vast majority of people will never get past your headline. So spend some time and research crafting the right one.

While your tactics may vary based upon your specific demographics, as a general rule heading should:

  • Be authoritative
  • Be attention grabbing… but not misleading
  • Offer something useful
  • Offer something they aren’t getting anywhere else
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Be specific

Additionally, research words other influencers are finding increase shares.

For example, the term “This is” and odd numbers get more clicks and shares.

Your B2B Marketing Blog Deserves More Shares

You have some great ideas to share and have generated some exceptional content. Review your current content assets to look for quick wins through small changes.

Then, moving forward, continue to develop shareable content to get the shares you deserve.

What would you add to our 3 steps to getting more shares on B2B content? Comment below.