Your Aquarium Blog Needs Great Images, Not Just Words

aquarium blog

aquarium blogNot sure how to get more people to read your aquarium blog?

The key to getting more blog readers is having great images, not just words.

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The aquarium is a visual experience: people want to look at the creatures they don’t often get to see. The same visual appeal that draws people to the aquarium itself will also entice them to read an aquarium blog.

How do you choose the right images for a great blog? Here are a few key tips for making an amazing blog for your aquarium, with great images as well as great words.

How to Use Images in Your Aquarium Blog

1. Quality is Everything

There’s some truth to the saying “quality over quantity” when it comes to selecting great images for your blog.

Although it’s important to have a variety of images, more isn’t better unless they are of a high quality. If they’re blurring or grainy, people won’t want to look at them. Not only that, but your site will look amateur, as though it was made by inexperienced people.

Use large, high-quality images to impress readers and make them want to come back for more. Remember to keep image file sizes small, even if the images themselves are large, so your site will load quickly.

2. Simplicity is Best

You don’t want to try to fit every animal in the aquarium in a single image! Instead, keep the images simple and beautiful, with a clear focal point.

When a site has too many images on the page, and the images are busy, readers’ eyes will get tired and they won’t want to spend much time on your site.

Instead, use attractive images that aren’t too busy, and remember to keep the page itself clean. A white or solid-colored background will let the pictures speak for themselves.

3. Tell a Story

Images look best when they are accompanied by words that match.

Don’t just add random, unrelated images to a blog post to make it look prettier. Instead, link the images to the text, showing examples of the subject being discussed. Images help create more powerful stories.

For example, if the topic of the post is interactive aquariums, you might include an image of visitors interacting with animals at Utah’s SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. This will make your post feel more cohesive than if you used a random image from any aquarium.

4. Inspire Action

It’s likely that your aquarium blog has a purpose. Maybe your ultimate goal is to get more people to visit an aquarium, to get people to donate, or to get them to learn about aquatic life.

Use images to help entice people to complete the action you want them to take. Pictures of people enjoying themselves at an aquarium will inspire readers to make a visit themselves. Images of a beautiful endangered species at the aquarium will make them want to learn more about how they can help the environment.

Final Thoughts

With the right images, your aquarium blog will have much more reach and more power to influence readers.

Images are a compelling way to convey information. It’s hard to tell a complete story online without pictures. So make your blog powerful by adding the right kinds of images, and the readers will follow.