Advise and Monetize: Blog Writer Tips For Selling Online

blog writer

blog writerYou’ve got a killer blog, and you regularly creating posts to share with your followers. Your customized website is full of quality content — and it’s getting more hits every day.

Now comes the tricky part – turning traffic into money.

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One of the biggest challenges facing any blog writer is how to generate a steady stream of income from their blog. The hard truth is that 95% of blogs fail and end up abandoned.

Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

Here are five expert tips on how to generate money from your blog.

5 Blog Writer Tips For Selling Online

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog – especially in the beginning – is to use affiliate marketing.

Until you have your own products to sell, you can create content that harmonizes with whatever affiliate products you want to offer.

Let’s say you write a blog geared towards clinics and hospitals. You could team up with a medical supply company and become an online affiliate for a product like Tegaderm dressing.

2. Coaching Services

If you have expertise in the right field, offering coaching services could also be a very lucrative prospect.

While life or career coaching are popular options, they’re not the only things you can teach. You could also coach about business development, online marketing, or solo travel.

The great thing about coaching is that you don’t have to find thousands of clients. You can earn a significant amount of money from just a handful of people.

3. Digital Products

Blogging is a great way to sell tangible products, but that’s not the only option you have.

Many bloggers have great success selling digital or downloadable items. This could include informative webinars, videos, guides, or other resources.

As long as it harmonizes with your website’s content, you can effectively sell any type of digital product.

4. Online Courses

Is there something you’re highly skilled at? Why not design and sell an online course about it?

Popular subjects for online courses include website development, digital marketing, and graphic design. Investing, accounting, and financial advice are other potential ideas.

Whatever your niche, research what types of courses are already available. Then, create something even better and sell it on your blog.

5. Publish eBooks

If you’re a blog writer, you’re already skilled at writing. Why not use your talent to publish an eBook on your area of expertise?

Nonfiction eBooks are relatively easy to create and publish. If you answer a common question or teach a skill that many struggle with, it should attract plenty of attention in online bookstores.

Draw people in with attractive, well-written content on your blog. Once they’re hooked on your writing, they’re likely to press the “Buy” button for your eBook.

Final Thoughts

If you already have a popular blog and a well-designed website, you’re on your way to generating online income.

By using the steps outlined above, you’ll successfully monetize your blog and share your expertise with your audience.

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