How to Advertise Your New Outdoor Media Agency on a Budget

outdoor media agency

If you are not advertising, you are missing out on your share of $14 billion in revenue. A new or established business needs to advertise constantly to keep the attention of customers, and an outdoor media agency is no exception.

It’s time to put your creative juices to work. Today, we’re discovering a few ways you can advertise your agency online and in person.

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The Evolution of Advertising

Advertising in the digital age can mean anything from creating viral hashtags or paying someone to wear your brand. The internet connects us in ways we never thought possible, and now you have access to advertisements ways that weren’t even thought of 10 or 15 years ago.

Get started with advertising your outdoor media agency by choosing a few of the following methods.

1. Hashtags

Social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, are two sites that reach billions of people every day. What is the one thing they have in common? The use of hashtags.

Create a custom hashtag for your outdoor media agency and start posting with that caption. Be sure to add other relevant hashtags to make you easily searchable and to help influencers find you.

Remember not to spam the sites, but make the content relevant and something your followers will be interested in. If it offers them a discount, makes them laugh, or creates a new meme, then bonus for your agency, as you are likely to get more shares.

2. Custom Feather Flags

Custom feather flags are perfect for putting outside your brick-and-mortar location. The bright colors stand out and attract customers’ eyes as they are walking or driving past.

If the flags aren’t enough for you, or you want to take it up a notch, check out the custom air dancers to bring even more attention to your store.

3. Network

Networking is essential for any business, so get out there and meet new people and companies at conferences or local events. Be sure to hand out merchandise and/or business cards with your information on them so customers can easily find you.

Head down to community events and set up a tent, a nice display, and introduce yourself to those who stop by. Your business cards should be on-hand with everything potential customers need to find your company.

4. Blogging

Start a blog about your business, products, and services. You don’t have to give away intimate details, but people are interested in the personal side of the company.

Interact with customers who comment on the blog and offer incentives to sign up for regular emails. Once you have an email list, offer rewards, contents, and other perks that non-email customers do not have access too.

The emails will drive customers to your site and are a perfect way for an outdoor media agency to showcase specials on a weekly basis.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook offers hyper-targeted ads, so you can find your audience without much initial cost.

A successful ad campaign should have relevant, yet interesting images that readers want to click on. Try a few different campaigns to see what your audience likes best. This takes little investment with a chance of big return.

Instead of putting up a picture of your service or a product, try an image that catches someone’s attention as they are scrolling down the screen. The targeted audience will be more likely to click on your ad and end up on a landing page at your site.

Be sure to use insights to track data. Facebook’s Audience Insights is a great tool that informs you about the specifics of your audiences. This feature also helps you determine who your target market is by pulling information from your current Facebook page.

6. Cold Emails

Emails get read on-the-go, so go ahead and send out cold emails to potential customers. Remember, people get thousands of emails every day, so you will need to make yours standout for it to be read.

Have an eye-catching phrase in the title that also sends a clear message. Stay away from using all caps as most people will likely ignore these and immediately delete them, thinking they are spam. Keep your cold emails professional, short, and to the point when using it to advertise your outdoor media agency.

7. Human Billboard

If you have a product or service that can be put on a t-shirt or another type of apparel, have someone wear it around. Many of these people are influencers, students, or adults in your target audience.

The easiest way to find a human billboard is search online for people in your area who are active on social media. Reach out to them with a proposition for wearing a piece of apparel that represents your company.

Be sure your human billboards are properly compensated so you can create a lasting connection. Some influencers are happy to barter in return for your product/service where others want to be compensated monetarily. Either way, a good connection will be word-of-mouth advertisement as well.

8. Contests

Contests are a fun way to get new people interested in your products or services. You can advertise contests on Facebook, Instagram, emails, or a combination of methods.

Create a contest that people will be interested in, such as a free service from your company or a large discount off a product. People should sign up for your contest via email. That way, once the contest is complete, you can follow up by sending sales emails.

Draw More Customers to Your Outdoor Media Agency

Advertising your outdoor media agency through social media, contests, flags, or through apparel will get you noticed and new customers interested without costing a lot of money.

For more information on how to attract new customers and start advertising your company, give us a call today!