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Local SEO in 2016: How to Rank & Prosper

Depending on the type of business you own, local SEO is either something you’re intimately familiar with or a foreign subject entirely. Whether you’ve already made a website for your business or are considering to do so, these tips for marketing on a local level will be essential. Either way, that’s changing today. We’re going […]

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Pokémon GO: Examining the App’s Explosive Growth

Pokémon GO has become so popular that the countries it’s currently not available in already have spin-offs of the app. Even better, the spin-offs already rank as the top installed free gaming app in those countries. And for some of the select countries fortunate enough to have the game, there’s even an Ultimate Cheats app […]

Wordpress Security

WordPress Security: Locking Down your Website

WordPress security and safety is not something to joke about. If your blog site gets hacked, you will have to spend countless hours trying to fix things that you might not even understand. Similarly, a hack could potentially make everything start performing in a weird way on your WP account, website, and blog. At the […]

How to Send out Emails like a Marketing Professional

How to Send Out Emails Like a Professional

Think back to the last time you sent an email, or even better, the last time you read one. It was pretty recent, wasn’t it? And yet, people keep trying to say that email marketing is dead. Here’s the Deal:  Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it’s growing and evolving. In 2016 and […]

Link Building Holy Grail

Link Building Guide for 2017 & Beyond

Websites don’t just magically show up and rank on Googles first page. The majority of websites that do rank are there for good reason, and you can bet that a driving factor for those rankings revert back to some form of link building. If you’re seeking high rankings and more traffic to your business in this day and age, […]