A Quick Guide to Blogging for SEO

blogging for seo

You’ve started your business, created a beautiful website, and you’re prepared for an influx of digital traffic. Crickets chirp. In the modern age, everybody has a website and if you want to get attention you need to start blogging for SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. To gather a group to your webpage it’s important to refine your website’s content; that’s what SEO is all about.

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The entire focus of your ranking is based on your content. No matter how beautiful or advanced your website, you won’t rank well without valuable content.

Blogging for SEO

Does blogging help SEO? Does blogging create content? There’s your answer, you bet it does!

While it may seem strange for your plumbing company to discuss the intricacies of clogs, that is exactly what you need to do. Create valuable content that proves to your client, and the search engines, that you’re an expert.

How Blogging Helps SEO

The main function of blogging is to create content.

However, you cannot improve your SEO by writing anything that comes to mind. It’s important that your blog posts are focused and that you are using valuable keywords that search engines will spot.

Keywords are relevant, used naturally, and not overused. They do not have to be single words either! For example: ‘why blogs are important for SEO’ would be considered a keyword for this article.

By building on keywords, even within your domain name, you’ll attract the search engine bots and move up on their radar.

Benefits of Quality Content

Content that’s just full of keywords will do no good.

Traffic is an important part of SEO and that is why using your keywords alongside valuable information is important. If a potential customer clicks on your website and backs right out, this is a sign that your information isn’t good or worse, isn’t relevant at all.

By providing quality content you not only keep people on your site longer, but you can prove to them that you’re an expert in your line of work. Someone worth their time and attention.

What to Write

We can tell you that blogging for SEO is all about quality content until we’re blue in the face, but what does that mean?

It’s important to keep your blog, and thus website, updated so search engines know that you’re active. You may think that your business doesn’t have year after year of facts to awe customer’s with, but that’s where some creativity comes in.

There are hundreds of ways to keep your blog updated and unique. Remember, you’re focused as much on keeping attention as you are with keywords; use your blog as a chance to show off your company’s personality.

Contests can provide links back to your website, another great SEO tool, top ten lists (if valuable) are always attractive, or simply reach out to your audience to find out what they’re interested in.

If you please your audience you’ll please the search engine bots. Think of blogging as a friendly company speech.

How to Start

You never have to tackle SEO on your own. There are companies to help, even locally, like the best Spokane SEO services that can provide benefits specific to your market.

A professional helping hand is invaluable when it comes to blogging for SEO. Or, you can become the professional yourself by reading the blogs of others for their advice and examples.

Let us help you become an SEO expert and take your company to the next level!