9 WordPress Tips to Increase Email Subscribers for Your Business

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If you’re not working on building your email list, what are you waiting for?

Your email list is the golden key to growing your website’s traffic, client list, and sales. When a customer trusts you with their email address, you have VIP access to their inbox.

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Growing your email list is easier than you’d think. Read the 9 WordPress tips below to learn how to take your email marketing to the next level.

1. Build Trust

Our email inbox is protected territory. Anything unwanted goes in the spam folder.

To make sure your emails don’t end up in spam, create content your subscribers want to read. This includes the blog content on your website.

You need to create content that is so valuable and irreplaceable that people can’t wait to sign up for your emails. Not only does this keep them engaged, but it builds their trust. And, trust is what you need to access their inbox.

2. Beware of Aggressive Methods

Aggressive methods of email list promotion include pop-ups, redirect pages, and full-screen pages. These methods interrupt your reader’s consumption of your content.

Pop-ups and similar strategies have proven to be effective. But, they also turn off readers; some people leave the site entirely when they’re forced to select a pop-up option.

You need to decide if aggressive methods will work with your audience.

3. Freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

When you ask a reader to give you their email address you need to offer something in return. Some examples are e-books, downloadable checklists, guides, fonts, and courses.

Consider creating different freebie campaigns in the backend of your website. Depending on the pages a viewer has looked at on your site, offer specific freebies. If a reader has clicked on a lot of your how-to articles, offer them a course or a guide as a freebie.

Offering something of value in return for their email address will motivate readers to share their information with you.

4. Giveaways

Like freebies, giveaways create an incentive to give you their email address. You can advertise the giveaway to all your readers, not only your email list. But, make it clear that the chosen winner will be from your email list.

Use a giveaway plugin for WordPress to make the giveaway clear and understandable, like KingSumo Giveaway. Not only does it create a sample form for entries, but it schedules the date and time and records entries. It’s even mobile optimized.

Consider giving away prizes that are more valuable than your freebies. For example, a one on one coaching call with you. Or, a free consultation in whatever service you offer.

5. Dedicated Landing Page

If you want to grow your email list, creating a dedicated landing page for this goal is key.

Some of the most successful bloggers have a landing page that focuses on their email list. A clean form to type in information and descriptions of what they’ll get in return are great to include. This allows you to go into further detail on why they should sign up without wasting valuable homepage space.

Alternatively, you could advertise your email list on your homepage above the fold. There should be an easy to find, easy to navigate subscription form near the top of the page or in the sidebar.

6. Specially Designed Themes

One of the best WordPress hacks is to use a specially-designed theme to grow your email list.

A regular, free to download WordPress theme won’t result in as many signups as you want. You need a theme that has opt-in forms built in, is easy to navigate and puts your content first. These elements promote and encourage readers to sign up for the list.

Some awesome examples of themes that will help grow your email list are the Streamline Theme and the Focus Theme. You could also hire a professional website designer to create a theme for you; read more here.

7. Include Social Proof in Forms

Your dedicated landing page and sign-up forms will be even more successful if you use social proof to endorse them.

Above the entry box where they type in their email, include a statement of motivation.

This could be a celebrity or influencer endorsement. Or, it could be a mention of how many people are already signed up. For example, “join the 25000 other readers who get our content first.”

You could also include reviews, expert recommendations, and other forms of social proof that encourage new subscribers to sign up.

8. Double Opt-In

The first tip mentioned was about building trust and staying out of the spam folder. It can be seriously damaging to your list if you email gets marked as spam.

To avoid this, use a double opt-in system when people sign up.

This means that a reader signs up once by entering their email address on your website. Then, they receive a confirmation email that makes them agree again to join your list.

This is a way to ensure your subscribers truly want your emails and will read them, not mark them as spam.

9. Guest Post

The audience of likeminded bloggers in your niche could become your subscribers, too.

Reach out to bloggers in your industry whose values align with yours. Ask if they’d be interested in guest posting on each other’s blogs.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership because you’re both getting exposure to new readers.

Make sure you end your guest post with a clear call to action. New readers should be able to easily find your website. Consider including a link to your dedicated landing page.

Want More WordPress Tips for Growing Your Email List?

Your email list is the number one way to grow your website traffic and increase your sales. When a reader gives you their email address, you receive exclusive access to their inbox.

There are lots of WordPress tips that cater to growing your email list. Follow the tips mentioned above and watch your list grow.

For more ideas on growing your subscription list, building your website, and starting a blog, check out our blog.