9 Savvy Tips on How to Save Money on Web Hosting

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Having an online presence is important whether you are a blogger or a business.

Some customers tend to think that no online presence is a sign of no business. You need web hosting to keep your site on the internet. But how do you get an affordable high-performance server?

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Discover how to save money on web hosting now.

Tips on How to Save Money on Web Hosting

You may have just started a company or a blog and you are a little bit short of cash. Also, you may be running an existing business but want to keep the running costs low.

Here are some of the ways in which you can save money on web hosting:

1. Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a combination of numbers and letters which you can key into the promotion box as you make a purchase online. This will then give you a discount on the total purchase amount. There are some web hosting companies which provide coupon codes and have promotions whereby the clients can get some discounts off the web hosting cost.

You can save on the web hosting costs by taking advantage of such offers. Be on the lookout for such coupon codes and promotion links. Bluehost has a coupon code up for grabs and you can learn more about it to save on web hosting.

2. Free Hosting

As a blogger who is starting out, you need to use minimum resources which can still help you to realize the maximum impact. Free web hosting is one way to do this. All you will have to do is to create the content and also choose the theme and template of the site.

Free web hosting sites are good places to start. You will need to back up your data. If you opt to move your site, you can change to a different web host at a later date.

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3. Shared Hosting

The good thing about web hosting is that you can change your web hosting plan. If you are starting out, you can have your site or blog hosted.

Shared hosting is a popular option which is also less expensive. Since web traffic is not expected to be too high, you will not need a lot of server space. With shared hosting, your site can be optimally functioning with even up to 20,000 visitors on a daily basis.

4. Buy a Domain Name

A domain name is important. When creating a website, the options you will have is buying a domain name or using the free domain name provided by the web-hosting company.

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In some cases, the domain name is provided for free for one year by the web hosting company. In case the renewal price is high, buying a domain name is the best things to do as you will save on some money in the long-run.

5. Pay for Necessary Services Only

There are different types of packages provided by web hosting companies. Extra services mean extra costs. Examples of extra services that some hosting companies provide at an extra cost include monitoring, SEO, SMS notification, Sitelock, and Backup.

Therefore, you can drop the extra services that you do not need and pay for what is beneficial to you at the moment. If you already paid for such services but you have come to realize it’s stretching your budget, you can request to downgrade.

6. Purchase a Hosting Plan for a Longer Time Period

The saying “less is more” does not apply when you pay for web hosting services on an annual basis. Web hosting renewal fees are charged annually and in most cases, the web hosts do not provide discounts for renewal.

This means that you may have purchased the service at a discount for the first year. However, when it comes to renewing it, you will have to pay the regular price. If you opt to buy the web hosting services for a longer period of time, you will get to save more as the discount will cover the entire period.

7. Join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

It is possible for you to make savings by being an affiliate. You can join the affiliate program for the web hosting company and help in promoting their services.

There are rewards for you if you get your friends to buy hosting using your affiliate link. A lot of effort is required in affiliate marketing but you can give it your best.

8. Buy Hosting Services During Special Day Offers

Just like other companies, website hosting companies also offer crazy deals during promotional seasons. The most notable period over which you can get amazing discounts is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. The sale discounts are up to 50% and above.

If you take advantage of such offers, you can save much more compared to buying web hosting services at any other time of the year. You will also need to have the patience to wait for such offers and maximize on them.

9. Ask for a Discount

Web-hosting renewal is a costly affair. In some circumstances, changing your web host to save some money may not be ideal because you already rely on the powerful servers the web hosting company has. You can get what you want if you ask for it.

If you are a valued customer, and the web hosting company would not want to lose you, you can approach them with ease. Request to have a discount on the web hosting services. This will probably be a win-win situation.

You will get to renew the web hosting service at a discount and save some money. The web hosting company will also retain you as a customer and still get the payment.

Save Money on Web Hosting by Choosing the Perfect Host for You

You have some thoughts and ideas or experiences that you would like to share with the online audience. You save money on web hosting and get started on being a voice to reckon with on the internet.

You can learn more about how to start a blog and be fully informed when you get started.

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