9 Inspiring Homepage Design Ideas to Stimulate Your Creativity

Homepage Design

We all know that a good first impression can make a world of a difference to people. But it’s not just face-to-face where they count, because a bad homepage design can make or break traffic to your website.

That’s where good homepage design ideas come in. If you’re wondering what makes a great homepage, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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Here are the best elements to include in your homepage design to improve your brand or business and inspire your audience.

1. A Little Bit…

… goes a long way! When creating the best homepage design, you don’t want to overwhelm your reader with too much content.

This can be done through a minimalist approach or a strategically organized arrangement of information. Whatever you choose, you’ll see that a simplistic approach lines up well with some of the best-designed websites today.

2. Proper Introduction

One of the main things you should feature on your home page is a proper introduction to your business or brand.

When you look at a homepage, you should be able to answer the three W’s:

Who? What? Where?

Who is the brand/business/person? What are they offering/what do they stand for? Where can you learn more about them/ where do they offer their services?

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So, when you’re building your homepage design, think of the best way to introduce yourself to your audience. And it doesn’t have to be through text alone!

3. Picture Perfect

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are great eye-catching tools you can use to inspire your audience and a way for you to get creative in your homepage design.

Whether you’re offering a product that you can display or a simple headshot so that your readers can see who they’re working with, pictures speak volumes. Putting them on your homepage will allow your audience to do less reading work and make better connections with your brand or business.

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This is a classic example of showing over telling—a storytelling method stating that showing a reader something will make a story more powerful than just telling them what is happening.

4. Encourage Engagement

An encouragement to have your audience interact with you is one of the marks of a great homepage. Including a call to action (CTA) will inspire your audience to participate in whatever market you’re fronting.

You can notice CTA’s on many different kinds of websites. They range from “Get a Quote” to “Buy Now” to “Learn More” depending on what websites you’re looking at.

Some of the best-designed websites include CTA’s for a diverse audience or multiple options to choose from on their homepage.

They can be as simple as a button, or a phrase with encouragement like, “What are you waiting for?” or “Ready to dive in?”

5. Optimize Your Homepage

Homepage optimization means making sure your homepage will look nice on other devices. Normally, when you design a homepage you’re doing it for a computer screen, but you should also think about formats for tablets and phones.

A homepage that looks great on multiple platforms will be engaging for a larger group of readers. That’s because your audience might not come across your website while they’re on their computers, but possibly on their tablets or smartphones.

6. Hit Your Target

Speaking of your audience, your homepage should be designed to play to whoever your target audience is. This is where work can get a little more detailed and complex.

For example, if your brand or business has a target audience of zero-waste and vegan customers, you’ll want to put your credentials somewhere on your homepage like the fair trade certification seal.

They’re small parts of a homepage design, but they add up to create an image that best suits your target audience and boosts their interest.

7. Change It Up

While it may seem tedious, changing up your homepage every once in a while is a small way to keep your audience interested and to stimulate your own creativity.

This does not and generally should not mean a huge re-vamp of your entire homepage. Instead, simply switching out pictures and color schemes to match the time of year works perfectly fine.

It also shows your audience that you are aware of the seasonal changes and how their interests might also be changing with the seasons. This creates a better bond between you and your viewers as well.

8. Mix & Match

Mixed media is one of the most inspiring approaches when it comes to homepage design. Using a variety of pictures, videos, and overall color block design can stimulate creativity for both you and your audience.

Try overlaying blocks of color with photos, or an auto-playing slideshow when designing your webpage. Those techniques keep a variety of stimulus on your homepage while keeping it from looking cluttered.

9. One of a Kind

Finally, make your homepage tailored to your unique brand or business. From color scheme to font to pictures, make your homepage look original.

While there are tons of great homepage designs out there that you can use for inspiration, at the end of the day you should have one that screams you! This way, your homepage can stand out from the crowd with beauty and originality.

Something that really embodies what your brand or business is will also make your homepage (and in turn your brand) memorable and desirable to whoever comes across it.

One Click is All it Takes

One click is all it takes to access a homepage, so you need to be ready to deliver!

With these nine tips for great homepage design ideas, you’ve got a great foundation to start building an awesome homepage.

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