8 Ways to Publicize a Blog Without Spending a Dime

Blog Publicity

Around 1 in 10 blog posts are compounding, which means their traffic increases through organic searches over time. Learning about free ways to publicize a blog makes this more likely to happen.

In 2019, internet users wrote over 3 million blog posts each day. Publicizing your blog helps your posts stand out from your competition’s content.

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You’ve worked hard on your blog. You deserve to share it with the world. Money doesn’t have to be an issue.

Here are 8 cost-free ways to publicize a blog:

1. Use Valuable Keywords

Be smart about your keyword strategy. Keywords are the easiest way to publicize a blog with no money. SEO makes the difference between getting organic traffic and going unnoticed.

(Organic traffic is easier to convert into leads and sales, so it’s worth the effort.)

Using the right keywords helps search engines index and rank your site on SERPs (search engine results pages). Blogs with relevant keywords are more likely to appear at the top of the SERP.

For each piece of content, use a primary keyword with high search volumes. Always use secondary keywords naturally/in context or else it’ll hurt your SEO ranking.

Never resort to keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is using too many keywords and/or repeating words/phrases too often.

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2. Social Media Promotion

Social media is also great for marketing your blog with no budget. Posting your blog posts on social media generates traffic, interest, and brand awareness.

On social media, you collect followers and voila! You have people to promote your content to. It also encourages repeat traffic.

Sometimes, crawlers even index your social media post before your actual blog post. Just think of social media as your blog’s BFF. 

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Maintain branded accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be active and kind when responding to other users. Speaking of Facebook:

3. Facebook Groups

Knowing how to publicize a blog means taking advantage of Facebook groups. First off, create a Facebook group based on your blog. It’ll give you an eager audience to promote to.

Join Facebook groups that pertain to your field. Then you can post your blog posts for free in those groups. Chiming in on relevant discussions also promotes brand awareness.

Remember to always read the rules first to make sure self-promotion is allowed. Be friendly and authentic, not spammy or self-serving.

Contributing to online communities establishes you as an authority in your field. It also humanizes your brand. This next tactic accomplishes the same goals:

4. YouTube

Use YouTube videos to promote your blog content. Make videos that relate to subjects you blog about with a branded account.

Include links to your content in the video’s description and bam! You’re boosting publicity and your credibility as an expert.

You could also repurpose old content into videos. Thanks to technology, anyone can record and edit a video with ease. It also costs nothing to do it.

YouTube lets users subscribe to your channel for updates. Always encourage users to click the bell after they press the red “subscribe” button in your videos. This enables YouTube to send them emails whenever you post a video.

Always use relevant keywords in each video’s title and subscription. This helps YouTube and search engine crawlers index your videos, thereby increasing publicity.

5. Quora

Quora.com is a site where users answer questions other users ask. Answering questions on Quora promotes your blog and flaunts your expertise to a relevant audience.

Choose a professional name and include your blog link in your bio. Then give informative, valuable answers to people’s questions. That way, people will find you when they’re searching for blogs and answers.

When it’s natural, mention your blog at the end of your answer. It’ll drive traffic and increase publicity as a result.

Nonetheless, this next tip is the best publicity tactic out there:

6. Distribute Press Releases

Press releases are professional publicity generators. Sending a press release to the right party equals more publicity. It’s all about knowing which parties to send them to.

A story doesn’t need to be big to call for a press release. It could simply announce something new and innovative happening with your blog. For instance, you could talk about a new collaboration or product you’re covering.

The benefit of press releases brings more customers, authority in your field, and more. Learn more about these benefits through the aforementioned link.

Send press releases to journals, websites, podcasts, publications, other blogs, and more. It’ll increase your chance of attracting attention. Now that we’re talking about other blogs, here’s what else you should do:

7. Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs

Bolster your blog by publishing your content on other blogs. Writing guest posts gives you the opportunity to include a link back to your blog. This drives traffic to your blog while boosting its SEO ranking.

Try to write for blogs that appeal to an audience that’s similar to your blog’s audience. The best blogs for guest posting are both relevant and popular. 

However, popular publications often have a guest post fee. Submitting a guest post to a smaller but relevant blog for free will still gain publicity for your blog.

8. Medium

Medium.com is a blogging platform with a lot of users. Medium sends emails to promote the articles people publish there. When someone indicates they’re interested in a subject, they get roundups of related articles via email.

Use a branded account when you publish content on medium. Include a link to your blog in your post and mention your blog in your profile. People will see it, become curious, and visit your blog.

Publicize a Blog Like a Boss

Around 43% of people skim blogs. When you publicize a blog, you’re tapping into the powerful and plentiful audience you’re looking for.

Always research your audience before creating a blog. It’ll help you make more educated decisions about how you go about publicizing your blog.

Enrich your mind—read more of our articles about blogging and marketing. The robust knowledge will improve your articles more than you know.

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