8 Tips for Writing Niche Product Review Blogs That Earn Money

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Roughly 4.4 million people use the internet. That number grows substantially every year.

Do you know what that massive digital audience means to business owners?

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More people using the internet means more potential to capture customers.

People make money off of internet users in a variety of ways. One of the most unique ways that we’ve seen generating a lot of momentum for digital entrepreneurs is managing product review blogs.

Below, we outline 8 key tips that successful product reviewers leverage to ensure that they’re able to maximize their online income.

1. Don’t Go Too Niche

Writing niche product reviews is a bit of a balancing act.

If you go too broad, you’ll run into too much competition which will hamper your ability to earn an audience. If you go too niche, you’ll be the only game in town but nobody will be interested in reading your content.

To remedy this issue, you’re going to want to try and seek out products that have enough demand to sustain your monetary needs but don’t have so much demand that a ton of opportunistic product review blogs are already covering what it is that you want to write about.

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Striking the niche product balance is a by-product of trial and error so don’t get impatient as you write a healthy you vending review or other interesting product outlines in an effort to find your sweet spot.

2. Pay Attention to SEO

Hunches are nice when you’re trying to find things to write about for your product review blogs. What’s better though is having quantitative data to back your hunches.

That quantitative data is usually found via doing SEO research.

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SEO research is when you use tools like AHREFS, MOZ and the like to determine roughly how many people are searching for information about certain products online.

Armed with this data, you can safely determine where you should spend your writing efforts.

3. Talk to Brands Before Reviewing Their Product

After you’ve landed on a handful of products that you’d like to review, try and reach out to the company that produces the products you’re interested in. Let them know about your audience and how you’d like to write a piece about the things that they sell.

Many companies, depending on the exposure that you can get them, will provide you with their products to review free of charge.

If you can get the products that you’re reviewing for free, you can save a lot of money in your expenses column since you won’t need to actually buy the products that you share with your audience.

4. Add a Video Component To Your Review

People like reading about products online. What they like more though is watching videos about products online.

To give people the best of both worlds, our advice is to write reviews for your online review blogs and to also produce product video reviews that you can publish on YouTube.

Having a video component to your reviews will allow you to cast a wider net across the internet which will net you more followers and more cash.

5. Ensure That All Product Links Are Affiliate Links

The primary way that product review blogs generate an income is via affiliate links. If you’re not familiar with what affiliate links are, you’d better get familiar before launching your blog.

Simply put, affiliate links are links that you include on your blog that link readers to places where they can buy the products that you’re discussing. If a reader clicks on one of your links and then proceeds to buy the product that you wrote about, you’ll get a percentage of that sale.

The more affiliate links you have on your blog, the better chances you’ll have of generating clicks and sales.

6. Stay Honest

It can be tempting to write product reviews that are artificially positive.

Many companies will pay bloggers for favorable reviews which can be a great income source. Also, if you write a favorable review, your readers will be more likely to click on your affiliate links and buy what it is that you’re discussing.

Writing artificially positive reviews is a short-term earnings strategy though. As your readers begin to see that the things you’re recommending aren’t actually worth buying, they’ll trust you less and will eventually find another blog to get their information from.

Trust is everything on the internet so always be honest and always recommend only quality products to your readers.

7. Share Reviews Across Multiple Platforms

You can’t just publish a written review on your blog and expect that people are going to start reading and buying the things that you’re discussing. On today’s internet, you need to take a multi-platform approach to share your content.

Write a review and publish it on your blog. Do a video version of your review and publish it on YouTube. Share a micro-review on social media.

Remember, the winder a net that you cast with the content that you create, the more likely that you’ll be to garner engagement and generate an income.

8. Visuals Equal Traction

The reviews that you publish on your product reviews blogs should be flush with imagery. We’re talking detailed pictures of products that you’re writing about, images of you using the products and anything else that you can think of.

Internet users are highly visual creatures and will not engage heavily with content that’s comprised of giant blocks of text.

Wrapping Up Tips for Writing Niche Product Review Blogs

You can make a lot of money by managing product review blogs. You can also waste a lot of time if you don’t know how to manage your blogs well.

Take our advice into deep consideration and we think that you’ll stand a great chance of generating a fabulous online income!

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