8 Most Popular Types of Videos That Make Most Money on YouTube

Person Doing Video Blogs for YouTube

People watch almost 5 billion videos every day on YouTube. The video platform has gained popularity with both viewers and with creators. The question is, what are people watching?

Not every video uploaded to YouTube will go viral or rack up hundreds of thousands of views. Certain types of content, though, tend to get more views. If you can create some of the most popular types of content, you have a better chance of getting noticed.

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If you want a shot at stardom, then check out the eight most popular types of YouTube videos. These video types tend to get more clicks, and where there are clicks, stardom’s not far behind.

1. Product Review Videos Take Top Spot

If you want to grow your subscribers, then a product review is a great type of video to include in your list. Product reviews are popular for a few reasons.

First, people want to hear about the pros and cons of a product. They may also want to see it in action. A video can give them a better idea of how something works in real-life situations.

If you’re popular or entertaining enough, people may also want to hear what you specifically have to say about a product. If they trust your opinion, then they’ll value the insight you give them in your review.

2. How-to and Tutorial Videos Give Practical Advice

People often use YouTube to look up instructions. It’s often easier to watch someone troubleshoot an iPhone or create an amazing make-up look than it is to read instructions.

This type of video is popular because it gives the user practical knowledge. The how-to video may walk them through something they’re trying to do right this second. It may also give them ideas for a future project, or teach them a new skill they can use today and tomorrow.

3. Gametube Creates Some of the Most Popular Videos

No list of types of YouTube videos would be complete without mentioning gaming videos. You’ll find several different types of videos on gaming channels, and almost all are popular.

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How-to and walk-through videos are quite popular. These types of videos show people how to defeat monsters or unlock special items.

You might imagine that video game reviews are also popular, and you’re right. Another popular type of video is a “let’s play.” The viewer gets to watch some of their favorite personalities playing different games.

This format lets the user see and experience a video game they might not otherwise play. The gamer often adds commentary as well, which makes these play-throughs more entertaining.

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4. Vlogs Remain One of the Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos

The word vlog is short for “video blog.” Blog itself is short for “weblog,” which was a kind of virtual diary users kept in the early days of the Internet.

Vlogs tend to stick closer to this format, chronicling popular personalities. They usually focus on a specific topic. They use unscripted dialog, which makes them feel more authentic than other types of videos on YouTube.

The authenticity of a vlog is usually its biggest appeal. Making a vlog happens in a few ways. You can start the vlog as a focus, especially around a personality or if you travel.

If you have a successful YouTube channel, people may follow a vlog that shows what goes on “behind the scenes.”

5. Comedy Sketches and Pranks

People love to laugh, and YouTube users are no different. That’s probably why comedy videos are popular on the platform.

There are several popular YouTube genres of comedy. Short comedy sketches often do well, and they have the potential to go viral. Pranks are also popular.

Parodies can also do well, especially if they’re timed right. Keep in mind that and you’ll be well on your way to tickling your audience’s funny bones.

6. Unboxing Videos Get Lots of Views

There’s a certain joy in opening up a piece of mail, a gift, or a brand-new item you’ve been waiting to get. YouTubers share that excitement with their audience in unboxing videos.

In these videos, YouTubers open up boxes of gear and products. These can be new items about to hit the market, or they could be subscription boxes or anything in between.

In the video, the YouTuber describes what they find in the box to the audience. They also show the contents of the box. This format is particularly popular for tech items and limited edition collector’s items.

7. Haul Videos Attract Attention

Beauty bloggers have this YouTube genre down pat, but almost anyone can create a haul video. These videos focus on shopping sprees, often during sales.

You may show off the great outfits you scored at a favorite retailer. A game sale, book sale, or other “haul” can also be showcased in a video.

8. Best of and Favorites Videos Score Top Points

Chances are you have a top-10 list somewhere. Maybe it’s a top-10 favorite song, or maybe it’s your top-10 favorite video games. Beauty bloggers might list their top-10 favorite tools or make-up picks.

Any which way, “best of” or “favorites” videos score points with audiences because they check a few boxes. First, they act like product review videos. They also offer insight into what you’re using, playing, or enjoying “behind the scenes.”

It’s authenticity and practical buying information all rolled into one easy, entertaining video. What’s not to like?

Make Your Content Count

Developing a niche, finding your audience, and creating great content can be tough. Adding some of the most popular types of YouTube videos to your channel will help you get noticed and begin to build a loyal audience.

Looking for more tips on starting a blog or becoming a successful blogger? Get started with more of our informative guides and articles. Whether you’re pondering platforms or looking for tips to take your blogging to the next level, we have everything you need.

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