7 Tips for Crafting a Winning Evergreen Content Strategy for Your Blog

evergreen content

By 2020, it is projected that there will be 31.7 million bloggers in the United States. While this is an insane number of people blogging, there are ways your blog can be seen time and again through all of the noise.

To make the most out of your blog, you need to post content that remains relevant over the years. This is what’s called evergreen content. These pieces can be republished over and over and still be applicable to your blog and your audience.

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Here are seven crucial tips for creating a winning evergreen content strategy.

1. Begin With Your Audience in Mind

As with any content you place on your blog, you want to write it for your fans.

The audience will dictate whether your evergreen content is indeed evergreen. If they don’t resonate with what you’re writing, it won’t do so hot in the future. In contrast, if you get wide praise from your loyal followers, then it will continue to gain critical acclaim throughout.

Even if you repost it as an article or in the same context, people who follow you love to reference topics they’ve already explored. That’s the purpose of evergreen content. No matter when they read it, they’ll always get something new out of the content.

2. Steer Clear of Current Events

Sometimes, trending topics are things you want in your content. But for evergreen content, you want to hold off on referencing events that are current as of first publication.

The tricky thing about current events is they rarely remain relevant. Avoid events that will be forgotten quickly, opting instead for a more timeless rendition of your niche. You can include historical events that have become ingrained in the culture but otherwise don’t risk it.

This will help enormously your evergreen content strategy.

3. Traffic Control and Lead Generation

When your content is evergreen, it leads to consistent, almost neverending traffic. Search engines like Google notice this and place it at the forefront of relevant searches.

So, keep in mind that creating social media posts and other lead generation tactics are necessary for establishing content as evergreen. Without a steady stream of views or republishing, the content will get tossed to the end of the line in terms of search engine results.

Make your content timeless and you’ll never have to edit the content. You can also make it sustainable, where it can become evergreen, but might need to be tweaked now and then for it to remain that way.

Also, don’t just go with the plain text. Use infographics, videos, how-to guides, and testimonials to keep your evergreen content fresh.

4. Take Content You Already Have and Make it Evergreen

Maybe you already have blog posts in your published timeline that got pretty decent traffic or engagement. If that’s the case, consider optimizing those pieces for evergreen purposes.

How you do this is simple: Take what you already have and completely rewrite the concepts in a way that can be used three years from now. Obviously, you don’t know what’s going to happen in three years, but you can include references and verbiage that will most likely resonate at that time.

The content you already posted was good, but if you add in relevant images, links, and other enriching elements, it will turn evergreen. Then it’s a matter of reposting your new and improved version.

5. Search Engine Optimization (Of Course)

You probably optimized your earlier content for search engines. Evergreen content is no different. In fact, it’s even more important for the success of your evergreen content strategy.

Research organic keywords that are tethered to your topic or niche. Include them in your titles, body copy, and images. Sprinkle them in like a potent seasoning: Too little will make it weak, too much will kill the dish.

Collect a handful of the keywords that have done well for a long time, not simply the ones that are effective right now. These are what can be called “evergreen organic keywords.” Evergreen keywords equate to better evergreen content.

6. Make the Content All-Encompassing

Comprehension is a must for your evergreen content. You want people new and experienced to get something out of your blog. So you need to somehow toe the line between beginner-friendly and in-depth.

This usually elongates the length of your content. While not a bad thing per se, you’ll start to lose audience attention after 1,600 words, or approximately seven minutes. Be smart in what you put in and what you take out.

A good rule of thumb is to explain as many concepts about the topic as possible while maintaining an 8th-grade reading level. Your content can be understood by beginners and others who are intermediate or advanced will appreciate the full scope of info you provide.

Creating all-encompassing content might just be the most important aspect of an evergreen content strategy.

7. Make Your Evergreen Content Easily Accessible

Front and center. That’s how you want to present your evergreen content.

Don’t hide this kind of content from your viewers, only to bust it out at times where you’re having slow traffic or a decrease in engagement. This is not what evergreen content is for.

Instead, make accessing your evergreen content the simplest thing to do. It’s one of your flagship pieces, so use it accordingly. Give it it’s own place in navigation menus, put it on the homepage, link it via social media on a monthly basis.

Also, whenever you create a new blog post, always include links to evergreen content. If you have a new reader that’s in your latest post, then they click on your evergreen link, they’re hooked. Game over, you just got another loyal follower.

This is your best overall content. Use it that way.

Use These Tips for an Epic Evergreen Content Strategy

Creating relevant content that can be used numerous times will be a blog lifesaver. When you have a solid evergreen content strategy implemented, you will never have to worry about coming up with new content every post. Get your evergreen content set up so you can kick back and republish content that stands the test of time.

If you’re just starting out with your blog, we’ve got you covered. To find out what step one is for creating a blog, click here.