7 Social Media Marketing Influencer Platforms That Work The Best

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Business marketing and social media influencer marketing changes every day but some influencer platforms are fool-proof for success. Even the biggest legends, industry professionals or people you know personally have a go-to product to produce the best results. This is what influencer marketing is about and once you find the right platform for you, you can expect a positive spike in your analytics.

If you plan on stepping into the digital influencer world, pinpoint the best influencer platforms to get the job done. Influencer marketing platforms allow you to connect with brands directly through the platform. This is what helps a brand influencer make money through social media channels and reach their highest potential.

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Lucky for you, there are many social media marketing influencer platforms out there, but here are the top 7 that work well for businesses.

1. The Benefits of Famebit

Famebit began its claim to fame as an agency that targeted YouTube influencers. By focusing on the YouTube platform, they had the advantage of working in a niche network versus overextending themselves. But they have finally expanded to other social media networks so more people can have a piece of the pie.

With this influencer platform, you can easily locate YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr influencers. Their reach is at 1.9 billion users and nearly 34,000 creators within the network. Famebit has 7003 brands using its services for their influencer marketing, to-date.

Famebit is free to sign up for with a variety of pricing plans and 10 percent service fees.

2. From Revfluence to AspirelQ

AspirelQ (formerly Revfluence) is a great self-service influencer platform that can help you partner with brands with ease. It is a balanced service for companies and small agencies. The platform also helps analyze nearly 500,000 influencers based on their audience, demographics, type of traffic, and content.

AspirelQ will help you locate the right kind of people in the most efficient way. It offers an easy and simple interface with a comprehensive database. Their AI algorithm also works steps ahead to better align with brands and relevant content creators.

This influencer platform offers 3 kinds of paid pricing: basic, pro and enterprise. Hence why it’s apart of the Fool-Proof Guide To Social Media Influencer Marketing! And why it’s on our top 7 list of choices!

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3. Keep it Simple with BuzzStream

Buzzstream’s influencer marketing platform ranks its influencers systematically based on their influencing strength and their priority. It locates the influencer’s contact information and social media profile. Then it tracks its outreach — you can also download Buzzstream as a Google Chrome extension.

You can get Buzzstream’s free trial period so you can tour through its features. If you decide to purchase the influencer platform, you can choose from their 3 plans: starter, group, and professional. Each can be tried for free since the custom plan is the only plan without a trial period.

4. Consider Using Heepsy

When you want to find a free influencer platform, consider using Heepsy. It has a free option that allows users to search with keywords from users’ bios. The free option is great but the advanced paid options are certainly more useful and effective.

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You can create filters using Heepsy to get the most refined search results. For example, you can pinpoint every influencer in a particular location with a specific amount of followers. The paid packages include the starter plan ($29/month), the plus plan ($49/month), and the pro plan ($99/month).

5. NeoReach is a Valuable Option

With NeoReach, you can expect to connect with brands and influencers with ease. Their unique algorithm connects to your page to track any indexes and data throughout your platform. This is what has helped NeoReach find over 2,000,000 influencers.

Their customized subscription plan targets medium to small agencies. The annual subscription charges their clients $50k to $500k. And users can target Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and an Instagram influencer.

You can join NeoReach for free with its limited features or upgrade to paid packages for more impact.

6. TapInfluence is Useful

TapInfluence has a great search function that allows you to locate influencers you’re most interested in based on their demographics. It also allows you to find an influencer’s approximated per engagement cost and performance data history. You’ll also find influencers from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

TapInfluence also predicts analytics, matches algorithms, and uses machine learning to create the right opportunities for useful brand entertainment and for newer media. This influencer marketing platform will help with your outreach, campaign management, influencer search, and analytics. Not to mention, you can even find blog writers using this platform which only expands your reach and strengthens your success rate.

7. Grapevine Logic WORKS

Grapevine is a phenomenal tool for building bridges between brands and agencies. The influencer platform works specifically with YouTubers and allows the content creators to submit pitches to collaborate with the brands and agencies. Clients can also monitor the data results through Grapevine’s dashboard.

You’ll discover the top celebrities, influencers, and micro-influencers in no time. You can manage your relationship with them and also track and monitor your key metrics. Grapevine is simply one of the best influencer platforms if you want to successfully learn, manage and endorse the best brand sponsorships.

Users are charged a service fee since it is still a paid influencer platform.

The Bottom Line on Influencer Platforms

These influencer platforms are awesome tools. They are also essential if companies really want to reach success. With influencer marketing becoming more and more popular, you want to choose the platform that will increase your traffic right away.

Keep this guide in mind when you’re ready to take your influencer marketing to the next level and you’ll be golden!

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