7 Professional Real Estate Blog Ideas

real estate blog ideas

fotolia 98477587 subscription monthly m If you run a real estate website, you’re already aware of how important it is to have a blog and to update that blog regularly. Not only does providing high-quality content offer value to your website visitors, but it also signals to Google that your site is worth higher rankings.

The problem? It’s hard to come up with topics!

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7 Great Real Estate Blog Ideas

1. Keep It Current

Chances are you already keep up-to-date with trends and newsworthy developments in the real estate market, so why not share those with your clients?

Consider blogging about mortgage rates, housing sales statistics, and forecasts for the upcoming quarter. When new studies or reports are published by the National Association of Realtors or other industry professionals, write a blog about it.

Make sure to distill the most important takeaways for your readers, keep the posts simple and jargon-free, and tailor the information to your area or market.

2. Answer Questions

“Frequently Asked Questions” blog posts are always valuable for readers. You can keep the questions broad, or get specific — for example, consider compiling separate FAQs about mortgages, finding a lender, open houses, home staging, the closing process. Really, any aspect of the business is fair game when it comes to real estate blog ideas.

3. Introduce Yourself and Your Team

This is a great blog post to write when your company experiences growth, such as the addition of a new team member. A short blog post outlining his or her experience and areas of expertise will help keep your company’s name in the news (and in the Google search results).

No new employees? Writing up a short bio of everyone on your team is one of the best real estate blog ideas.

4. Make a List

David Letterman may have introduced us to the concept of Top 10 lists decades ago, but “listicles,” no matter how many items they include, are one of the best blog ideas. They can be real-estate specific (“Top X Questions to Ask a Realtor”) or relevant to your market (“The X Best New Area Restaurants”).

If you go with the latter idea, be sure to link to the establishments you name, and don’t be afraid to ask them for a backlink from their blog!

5. Spotlight a Neighborhood

Real estate blog ideas abound when you consider the neighborhoods your company serves. Whether an area is experiencing growth or has historic interest, a quick write-up is an easy way to get a blog post under your belt.

This is a fairly easy and natural way to write posts that interest your audience, since real estate is, after all, all about “location, location, location”!

Great Blue Real Estate Marketing Systems, for example, focuses on the real estate market in specific communities in Florida.

6. Target Certain Demographics

We’ve all read the news stories about how Millennials are “killing the housing market.” Why not target them with a post about the pros of buying vs. renting? Of course, you don’t have to focus on Millennials — write for any group that could benefit from your services.

7. Have Fun!

No one ever said your blog had to be deadly serious. While it should provide good information, and be seeded with keywords to attract Google’s attention, you can also do fun things with it like roundups of funny social media posts related to real estate. Use videos, tweets, memes, and even comics to keep things light and boost reader engagement.

Ready to Go Write?

By now, you should have some great real estate blog ideas. Go ahead and let your creative juices flow!