6 Expert Tips That Will Help You Monetize WordPress Blogs

monetize WordPress blogs

If you’re a blogger and your site is well-read, you’re possibly thinking of ways you can make money from it.

The good news: there are ways to do this successfully and turn your blog into a business endeavor.

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If you’re a WordPress blogger, seasoned pro or novice, there are many ways you can monetize WordPress blogs.

Read on to find out how…

What Is Your Niche?

It’s best, as a blogger, to have a particular area of expertise. And this will work even more to your advantage when looking to monetize WordPress blogs.

Whether you blog about fashion, travel or movies – or chocolate cakes, fabric conditioners or Swedish television shows from the 1980s – your niche can make you money.

But you stand a much better chance if you have expertise in an area that others don’t. It makes you stand out from competing writers and your opinion, as well as your writing, becomes more coveted.

This means people will be more likely to pay you for your knowledge.

Don’t be TOO Niche

Be careful of a pitfall here: being too specific.

If you blog about something that only has a small fan base, and is perhaps a bit too obscure, it’s likely no one will want to pay you for this kind of content.

If you’re looking to monetize WordPress blogs, you must find the perfect balance of being niche and too niche.

Get this topic nailed when you first set up your blog, and monetizing it will surely follow.

Gather Followers

Blogs with a fan base and a high readership are more attractive to potential investors because a higher number of people will be reached.

So, before trying to monetize WordPress blogs, work on the exposure you get.

Are you utilizing social media platforms to plug your own blog? Are you racking up a healthy following on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?

You need to build a community of followers. These people will also – if you provide good content – give you glowing reviews. This is another encouraging aspect for potential investors.

It’s about being dependable and proving this. It’s also about providing an audience. If you can achieve this, you’re sure to bring in the money.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is incredibly simple to set up and is increasingly popular if you want to monetize WordPress blogs.

This strategy does what it says on the tin. You feature ads on your blog from affiliated third parties, and every time a visitor to your site clicks on one you will be paid.

There are all sorts of ads that can be used for this. You might feature banner advertisements, pop-ups and pop-unders, sidebar text and images or links within your own content.

Sometimes, the style of ad you feature will determine the payment you receive. You may be offered more if you actively incorporate the product into what you’re blogging about.

Larger ads are likely to earn you more money per click than smaller ones as they will be more obvious on the page.

To monetize WordPress blogs, consider using AdSense or a similar service like Clicksor, Chitika, Bidvertiser, etc.

It also allows you to determine how the ads show up on your blog, meaning your editorial control isn’t compromised for the sake of making money.

Affiliate Links

As mentioned above, including links or writing about a topic and linking it back to a sponsor is a popular way to monetize WordPress blogs.

In this instance, every time a sale is made after someone clicks on a link in your blog, you will get a cut. This may be a percentage or a fixed fee, set out in advance of you taking on the role.

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, even better. This means your ability to promote the affiliate links will be more fruitful. And ultimately, you’ll get more sales.

It’s also important to be savvy and not push the links too blatantly on your readers. They are likely on your blog not to be pressurized to click and buy elsewhere.

A popular way of working with this style of linking is with Amazon. WordPress plugins for Amazon Associates include WordPress Amazon Associate and Amazon Product In a Post.

The great thing about being an Amazon Associate is that they have so much on offer on their site that it’s simpler to find something to link in with your niche.

Sponsored Blog Posts

It’s worth approaching the sites out there that pay for complete blog posts.

Some sites employ bloggers to write for them. They will have been commissioned to provide a full post, which the author will then get paid for.

But some will be interested specifically in WordPress bloggers, and seek to pay the writers of these blogs to publish dedicated sponsored posts for them.

Depending on the situation, you can either negotiate a fee or accept a job depending on the budget the advertiser has set.

Advertisers will be looking at rankings and readership figures, as they will want to be reaching a wide audience if they are looking to pay you to blog for them. This comes back to having a strong audience base.

Customized Search Engines

By creating a customized search engine on your site you can be rewarded whenever a reader uses it and clicks on a sponsored ad when the results come up.

Check your WordPress theme to see whether or not it comes with an integrated search box for this purpose. If you’re looking to monetize WordPress blogs in this way then you may even need to alter the theme to make this possible.

This involves the use of particular web tools. The Google AdSense for Search or Eurekster Swiki allows a blogger to include sponsored ads within the internal search results of your blog.

Note that WordPress plugins that are great for this are Gigya Toolbar and Search Integrate.

Are you Ready to Monetize WordPress Blogs?

You now know how the future can hold ways to monetize WordPress blogs.

So, if you’re new to the blogosphere, now’s the time to set up a site and get blogging.

If you’re starting out, check out a list of free blogging platforms to choose which best suits you.