5 Writing Blogs Every Author Should Follow

writing blogs

Writing BlogsWriter’s block has troubled authors for all time, but was first named in the 1940s. All authors need inspiration from external sources every once in a while.

There are countless blogs and so-called experts online with advice. While some of it may be helpful, the amount of information can be overwhelming to sift through.

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Looking for some inspiration to up your writing game, but want to be sure you follow the right people? Check out the five writing blogs below for creative tips and tricks.

1. Grammar Girl

Occasionally choose incorrectly from their, there, or they’re? Grammar Girl is called the “Queen of Punctuation” and can help you understand nuanced grammar issues.

If you follow her tips and advice, you will significantly cut back the amount of edited that must be done to your manuscript. This ultimately means you can get your book out to your audience much quicker.

2. The Book Designer

A man name Joel Friedlander is responsible for The Book Designer, one of the great writing blogs. He provides a helpful view of the publishing aspects of being an author and writing for a living.

He offers sound advice to help you get that manuscript that is collecting dust on a shelf out to the public and into the hands of someone who will love it.

Another bonus of The Book Designer is that there is a blog that covers a wide range of topics. These include self-publishing, marketing, and general writing tips.

3. Ann Kroeker

Kroeker provides one of the more popular writing blogs. She is an author herself and also acts as a writing coach. She strives to help authors express themselves by addressing their curiosity and creativity.

She also provides resources on improving productivity. Her website has numerous resources through blog post and podcasts.

Kroeker stands out because she also offers one on one coaching session.

4. C.S. Lakin’s Live Write Thrive

This blog provides a wealth of information from an author, editor, and writing coach. Lakin works with writers on their manuscripts so they are in tip-top shape for editing and publication.

She largely focuses on ways to establish scenes that feel grounded and natural and character development.

For example, check out this book for examples of proper scenes and story crafting.

5. Every Writer

Every Writer comes from Richard Edwards who is the owner and editor. He presents information on many helpful tools for authors.

This blog can help you start building a website or even a literary magazine. Be sure to pay attention to SEO if you begin blogging on your website.

One key aspect of this blog is that Edward provides information and tips to escape writer’s block. This means his information could help you increase your productivity!

Follow These Writing Blogs for Inspiration

You now have five blogs chalk full of helpful information for you as an author. Whether you are seeking help with writer’s block or some tips on crafting a suspenseful story, you can find what you need.

Like these five websites? Be sure to share with your fellow authors to help them out!