5 WordPress Hacks For An Instant Website Makeover

Wordpress Hacks

All business owners want to achieve excellent search rankings for their website. They are always searching for ways to make their sites better and more attractive to customers. A site with lots of traffic makes for a successful business and a fun gig for you.

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One thing business owners and marketers often overlook is loading speed. A slow website can cause you to lose business no matter how many bells and whistles you have added to your site.

Loading speed has become an important factor in search engine rankings. And WordPress definitely has issues with speed if you haven’t noticed. You don’t want your customers frustrated with their experience on your site.

So what can you do to improve your customers’ experience and keep them coming back to your WordPress site? We have some ideas for WordPress hacks for your website.

WordPress Hacks: The Best Hosting Package

Often, business owners use shared hosting and are completely unaware that it hampers the functionality of their website. Slow response time equals frustrated customers turning away from your site. And that, unfortunately, means potential dollars lost for you and your business.

Shared hosting involves sharing resources with multiple sites, and this is the reason speed issues can occur. Although shared hosting often works well for small sites, you may need a different hosting package if your website shows growth with a boost in traffic.

It may cost more to choose the right hosting package for your business, but it’s money well spent and a fun gig if it brings you more business down the line.

Gzip Compression

No one has time to waste these days. Your website visitors certainly don’t, and they won’t stick around if your site isn’t performing optimally. Unfortunately, they will leave and go straight to your biggest competitor.

Data compression can substantially increase the functionality of your WordPress site and can enhance your visitors’ experience on your site. Luckily, there are WordPress hacks you can use to improve site functionality.

Amazingly, you can actually cut the amount of data traversing through your site by 90%. This cuts loading time drastically while it decreased data usage of customers.

Google recommends Gzip, but many web hosts that use shared hosting won’t allow this technology. You can check to see whether your web host allows this compression function.

Content Delivery: A Fun Gig

Although information through the internet is available at lightning speed, that information must travel long distances to reach your customers. And it just makes sense that load times increase the longer the data has to travel.

That’s where a content delivery network can come in handy. A CDN stores static components that are on your website and then spreads them across the world.

This ensures that potential customers visiting your site will access the nearest server. When the static data is sent from the nearest server, the response time is significantly increased.

Using A Lightweight Theme

If your theme on WordPress requires many integrated features, more resources will be necessary to support the function of them.This increases data mounts traveling to your website visitors and can affect its function and slow response time.

Of course, you want some bells and whistles, but themes packed with features can affect functionality. If you are using a theme loaded with features you don’t really use or need, a lightweight theme may be a good idea. Anything that increases speed and keeps potential business on your site is a plus.

Your business is unique. It’s your fun gig – your baby. The specialness of your business should be reflected on your website. You have a story to tell, and that should be reflected as well. But you don’t want your website to be confusing or distracting to your visitors.

A clean, lightweight design for your website that focuses on promoting your brand what you have to offer is ideal. And it should be easy and enjoyable to navigate as well.

Removing Unused Plug-ins

With WordPress, plug-ins are everywhere. Plug-ins are necessary and very useful for enhancing the functionality of your WordPress theme. But every installed plug-in has an individual script. And this can definitely affect the speed of your website.

Over time, you may see that some plug-ins are no longer useful. In this case, you will want to replace them with the latest and most advanced plug-in options.

As a WordPress hack to enhance your website’s speed, you should deactivate or delete plug-ins that you no longer need. Before you add new plug-ins, ask yourself if you actually need it. If you do, then install it.

But if you can do without it, you shouldn’t use it because it will affect your website’s speed and your website visitors experience navigating your site.

Speed Matters

WordPress website speed definitely matters. For today’s business owners, a quality, attractive, and fast website is crucial. The happier the visitors’ experience, the more business you generate. Who doesn’t want lots of success and a fun gig to go to every day?

But no one wants to sit looking at a website that is slow to load and slow to respond. In fact, that’s the quickest way to drive potential customers away from your site and straight to your competitors. Ouch! You don’t want that.

Now that search engines are strict on websites having slow response times, your website’s speed and functionality is more important than ever. Yes, Google cares about your website’s speed and the customer experience too. And it definitely affects your rankings.

And users expect a lot from your website too. They want the information they are seeking to load instantly, and they will not wait around. As a business owner, this is a real concern.

Do you have some ideas on the subject? We’d love to hear from you. Check out our site too.