5 WordPress Features You Probably Didn’t Know About — And Should Use More Often

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Did you know that 36% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress? It’s popular for many good reasons, from its diverse themes for customization to the plugins you can use to make your site more powerful. 

If you’re also using this platform on your website, you might know the common features. These make your site management much easier. But some WordPress features can streamline your website, and you probably haven’t heard of them.

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Don’t get discouraged yet.

This guide aims to show you the advantages of using WordPress through these lesser-known features. Read on and find out which ones you can use for your website.

1. Site Health Check Tool

This tool is useful for debugging since it allows you to track your site health status and information. The former lets you know when problems arise on your site, like outdated PHP versions, security breaches, and configuration errors. The latest WordPress version has a colored symbol that determines your site’s health.

As for the latter, it’s an overview of your WP site’s settings and technical parameters. With all these data gathered in one place, you can solve problems faster.

2. PHP Error Protection

WordPress 5.2 gives your website protection when updating PHP. When the system finds a fatal error, it will disable problematic the theme or plugin. The good news is you can log in to the back end as an admin and repair these errors.

The feature also prevents white screens from appearing because of the fatal error. This constant feature improvement is one of the benefits of WordPress as a platform.

3. Distraction-Free Writing Mode

If you write blog posts on your WordPress website, you know that resisting distractions is a part of your daily routine. You can focus on writing since there are built-in distraction-free writing modes among its WordPress features. You can find the button on any edit page with the TinyMCE editor in the top-right corner.

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Pressing this gets rid of the meta boxes and the dashboard menu. It even makes the top of the page bar dimmer. This ensures the editor is at your forefront, preventing your eyes from wandering.

4. CSS Classes for Menus

Activating this feature helps you customize how menus, submenus, and menu buttons look. It does so by letting you add CSS code without exiting the edit page of the Menus. It’s an easy method of customizing your menu design since the interface remains familiar.

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5. Press This Tool

This is a bookmarklet that you can drag and drop into the bookmark bar of your preferred browser. When you browse a web page, click the button to post a link with a short comment on your WordPress website. The tool publishes it as a blog post, making it a quick method of showing visitors exciting content when you find it.

Use More WordPress Features Today!

These are some lesser-known WordPress features you can use. It ensures that your website development and maintenance experience stay easy and stress-free.

Of course, there are a lot more tips and tricks to master when it comes to using WordPress. To learn more, we invite you to read more of our guides today. Continue discovering all you need through our content, right here!

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