5 Woodworking Blogs You Should Be Following

woodworking blogs

woodworking blogsWoodworking is magical. It’s about creating something useful and lasting. It’s relaxing, helps with focus and sometimes, it’s even how family members and friends bond with one another.

Best of all, there’s always something new to learn about woodworking. Which is why it’s great that there are so many woodworking blogs available now.

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But which blogs are worth following? Keep reading because these are the five best woodworking blogs for any skill level.

1. The Best Woodworking Blogs Sometimes Belongs to a Celebrity

Yes, sometimes famous people are really great at woodworking. Nick Offerman, star of the tv show, “Parks and Recreation” and his character Ron Swanson have something in common with one another.

They are both master woodworkers. In fact, Offerman runs a wood shop in East Los Angeles comprised of some local woodworkers who are known for their hand-crafted artwork.

They use sustainable wood from fallen trees found throughout northern California and even in urban LA. Best of all, you’ll find that their influences are varied and they’ll make anything from spoons to fine furniture.

2. Woodworking Blogs on TV

A great site for beginners is Makes Something.tv. However, host David Picciuto doesn’t just cater to beginners. Anyone can learn a thing or two from David.

David provides amazing tutorials and tips which can help anyone at any level become better at their craft. Best of all, most of the videos are on how to make items that most people really can use in their lives.

Even as something as complex as making wooden watches for men can be a simpler task after watching this show.

3. Not All Blogs About Woodworking are Hosted By Men

While traditionally people might think that woodworking is a mostly male dominated industry, that doesn’t mean that women aren’t coming into their own. Women are also making some amazing woodworking pieces.

Take Ana White, for example. Her site is set up to help everyone accomplish their project from start to finish. That includes everyone from seasoned professionals to people so new at it they’re not even sure which supplies they need.

Best of all, Ana offers over 1,000 free plans for any cost, skill, style, room, or project imaginable. She also has a ton of videos to view to ensure the process goes smoothly.

4. Woodworking Should Be Fun

If woodworking wasn’t fun, no one would do it. There’s a sense of satisfaction that’s felt when the work is completed.

Which is why Fun With Woodworking is a great site, especially for beginners. There’s even a portion of the site dedicated to the work fans of the site have submitted.

5. Sometimes the First is the Best

Woodworking blogs have come a long way since their inception. But Matt’s Basement Workshop host, Matt Vanderlist is definitely one to have on this list. Back in 2006, he was one of the first podcasters to talk about woodworking.

Matt has been sharing his tips and videos ever since. He still considers himself to be an amateur and still does his woodworking out of his basement but his enthusiasm and passion are contagious.

Woodworking blogs can entertain, inform, and inspire. They can even make money! For anyone wanting to start their own blog on woodworking, click here to learn how to get started.