5 Ways You Can Bring Fashion Into a Logo

a logo

Apple. McDonald’s. Starbucks.

What do they all have in common? They all have memorable logos.

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You can probably picture their logos in your mind and you’re not alone. Brand recognition starts at a very young age. Did you know that 100% of 8-year-old kids can correctly match logos to products?

Logos are an important aspect of your business. Finding a way to bring your business aesthetic to your logo can be challenging. Here are five ways you can bring fashion into a logo.

1. Know Your Brand

Your logo is an introduction to your brand, so it’s important to know who you are. Branding is how your business is perceived by others.

What is your purpose? Your ideal audience? Your brand is everything you’re putting out to the world.

Once you know your brand, you can design your logo. This is typically your first impression to your audience. Make sure you love it.

2. Know Your Audience

Who is your audience? Athletic men? Fashion forward women? Coffee lovers?

A logo must appeal to your audience. Joli Closet has a delicate clothing hanger in their logo that’s appealing to their audience: women who love fashion. Think about what experience you want your customers to have.

3. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key. A busy logo will not serve you well and can be difficult to identify.

Think Nike. A simple swoosh. People have no trouble identifying the company by their logo.

Simple logos are easier to remember. You want people to remember your business, so don’t over complicate it. Simple logos are also more recognizable and easier to convert across different media like promo gifts, print, and websites.

4. Choose Your Color

A logo can still be simple and clean and have color. Colors invoke feelings and emotions. They can be used to reinforce your message.

Red is energetic and warm. Yellow invokes cheerfulness and optimism. Pink is feminine and tranquil.

Decide what you want your audience to feel and find a color that portrays that emotion.

Tip: Don’t go color crazy. Remember the importance of simplicity. Several colors can also make a logo very expensive.

5. Design a Logo That Is Unique

Design a unique logo. Don’t take someone else’s and tweak it. Your business will then be mistaken for another.

You want to stand out. It can be easy to fall into the “what is everyone else doing” trap, but don’t do it.

You should, however, know what everyone in your industry is doing so that you can find a way to stand out. Find your own unique style. You shouldn’t rely on fads and trends when developing your website and you shouldn’t do that when creating your logo.

Let’s Build Your Online Business Together

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