5 Ways to Level Up Your Blog in the Gaming Community

gaming community

gaming communityWith the volume of gaming community blogs out there, achieving high SEO rankings can be hard.

Fortunately, just like in any game, there are strategies to help blogs level up. Learn how to increase rankings and get more views with our SEO strategies below.

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Strategies for Gaming Community Blogs

1. Content is King

In the SEO world, audience driven content is king. If a blog doesn’t have interesting posts the audience wants to read, there’s no way it will get a top level ranking spot. To achieve SEO success, a blog needs to give its reader information or content that they want to know.

Think of blog content as a present to readers. When the readers are provided with something they consider of value, they’ll come back. Good content builds loyal audiences and makes them more likely to engage in the future.

2. Create a Place to Connect

For google to consider a site for top SEO positions, there needs to constantly be new content. For the ranking algorithm, blogs should have new content every few days. Community spaces are a great and easy way to do that.

Creating a space that a gaming community can share in on a blog ensures that there will always be new content. The readers feel like they are part of the site and Google’s algorithm is happy. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

3. Use Audience for Content

As discussed above, posting content often is essential to keep a high SEO ranking. Sometimes, this drive to create content can feel overwhelming. To get a break, use members of the gaming community to do guest posts or create content for the blog.

This could an opinion from an audience member on the best gaming desks or a recount of a specific level. Some blogs will post user-submitted game art or fan fiction. The possibilities are endless.

4. Use Keywords

The number one way to improve an SEO ranking is by optimizing the site with SEO keywords. To find out what keywords are appropriate for a certain blog, use an identification tool. With the new keywords in mind, sprinkle them throughout the blog’s pages.

This can be in blog titles, in paragraphs, or the topic of an entire blog post. It’s important to be careful about the number of keywords on a page since Google doesn’t like when there are too many.

5. Engage with Other Blogs

Internal and external links are another important aspect of SEO strategies. Google wants to see that people link to the original blog as a trusted source. For example, a blog that writes about Skyrim would want to be mentioned via a link on other Skyrim blogs.

To build backlinks, blog owners can ask other relevant blogs if they’d like to trade guest posts or link their blogs URL in the comments.

Levelling Up

With these five tips, leveling up in blog popularity should be a piece of cake.

As long as a blog owner is willing to do the hard work, they should see SEO ranking results in no time. To get started with these tips, create a high-level blog today!