5 Ways a Digital Media Degree Will Help You Beyond Your Own Blog

digital media degree

digital media degreeAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, getting your digital media degree could help you net over $60,000 every year.

While the skills you’ll master during your digital media education will certainly help you to draw attention to your blog, it’s time to think bigger.

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Read on to learn just five of the many ways you can make a digital media degree work for you — and those who hire you.

1. You Can Enter a Variety of Fields

In today’s competitive market, a candidate with a diverse educational background is a competitive candidate.

You’ll graduate with a unique, yet highly valuable set of skills that many companies will want. So, if you’re ready to make a career change — or like to change jobs often — this degree will help ensure you land on your feet.

A degree in digital media means you’ll be able to apply to jobs in a variety of fields, including animation, graphic design, web development, online business consulting, programming, and more.

Explore your options by researching schools offering a degree in digital media, like Boston University and the School of Digital Media at the College of Westchester.

2. You’ll Have a Network

Sure, having a network of colleagues and industry experts is invaluable in lots of industries.

But with the digital marketing landscape getting more and more competitive, having people who know your name — and can vouch for your work — will put you at the front of the line.

You’ll connect with professors, other students, and link up with people who have skill sets that complement and fill in the gaps of your own.

Who knows?

You may even meet the perfect person to start your own digital design firm with on your first day of class.

3. You’ll Have Current Industry Knowledge

Even if you’ve spent less than two minutes researching digital media, you know the number one rule: everything can — and often does — change overnight.

However, many digital media “experts” are still working with information from several years ago. This doesn’t serve the companies that hire them, and it certainly won’t help to build their professional reputation.

You’ll enter the workforce armed with the latest knowledge about design tools, analytics, SEO, social media, and much more.

That’s the kind of expert major corporations want to hire.

4. You’ll Learn to Collaborate

If the digital media landscape is constantly changing, it means you can’t keep up with those changes on your own.

Today, so much of digital marketing — from developing strategies to monitoring web traffic and campaigns — is collaboration-based.

Getting your degree in digital media will provide you with experience in incorporating everyone’s ideas. You’ll also learn about the best tools to streamline (and safeguard) that communication.

5. You’ll Learn to Balance Creativity and Analytics

If you can’t picture yourself in a fully corporate environment, but still want to put food on the table, digital media provides the perfect compromise.

You’ll be able to show your creative side when it comes to things like website design, but you can inform your creative decisions using industry statistics and user data.

It’s truly the best of both worlds — and it gives you a serious edge in the job market.

Ready to Get Your Digital Media Degree?

Thanks to this post, you know just a few of the countless reasons why now is the time to get your degree in digital media.

To learn more about the field, and to keep pace with the latest industry developments, check out our blog.