5 Ways to Cross Promote Real Estate Content

real estate content

real estate content Content is an essential part of growing your business in today’s online world.

Creating informative and entertaining content is your first hurdle. But don’t forget, your hard work creating amazing real estate content will be all for nothing if it never finds your audience.

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Maybe you’ve been creating content for some time but you’re not seeing the kind of traffic you had hoped for? Cross promotion can help.

Here are 5 ways to cross promote your real estate content online.

1. Share on Social Media

First and foremost, the best way to get your amazing real estate content in front of the eyes of your ideal audience is to post it where they already spend their time.

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are easy ways to get your content on the map and in front of readers. Use catchy headlines and beautiful photos to help your content get shared by others – that’s free advertising!

Of course, make sure your content is always informative and entertaining, not spammy and fluffy.

2. Use Forums and Threads

Use Quora and other forums to answer questions people post about your industry. If the topic is relevant to a current piece of content you just published, add a link back to your piece.

For example, you could write a piece about reasons to visit display homes.

Then, search forums and question threads about the home buying process. Offer your own unique response to the topic about how visiting display homes can help, and link back to your own article.

3. Start an Email Newsletter

The email newsletter is making a strong comeback! The beauty of the email newsletter is that your readers opt-in. This is at least one email they actually want to receive.

The goal is to create a regular email newsletter that delights and educates. You could publish it weekly with the latest real estate trends and current information on the market in your area.

Since most readers will have opted into your newsletter, you already know they want the information you have. Sprinkle links to your recent blog posts around your newsletter as suggestions for further reading.

4. Write Guest Posts

If you’re one of the lucky folks who just love to write about your industry, keep doing it! You don’t have to stop at your blog or newsletter.

Write guest posts for other publications. Generally, you will be given an author’s bio with places to link back to your blog and recent posts.

If you love writing, never let yourself stop! This is an excellent way to promote your business.

5. Community Over Competition

To cut through the noise in an overcrowded market, you might have to join forces with other like-minded people in your industry. Start a #communityovercompetition campaign on your Twitter and use it to cross promote people you have enjoyed working with in your industry.

Start a #communityovercompetition campaign on your Twitter feed and use it to cross promote your business partners and people you have enjoyed working with in your industry.

Grow a community larger than your business alone. This group will help create new connections for you and will maybe even bring more traffic to your blog.

Get Better at Promoting Your Real Estate Content

Content promotion is often one of those things business owners and entrepreneurs overlook because creating the best content possible takes so much time and effort. It can be overwhelming to do on your own.

Free yourself up to focus on what you do best. Let our blog and other resources help with the content.