5 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm Blog

law firm blog

law firm blogHaving a law blog is a great way to educate readers and draw in traffic to a website.

Blogs are useful tools for digital marketing. But just because a blog post is written doesn’t mean it will always help boost traffic.

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When that happens, it means it’s time to shake things up. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to boost traffic to a law firm blog.

A Law Firm Blog Is a Long Term Game

Writing a blog, especially for a law firm, isn’t like winning the lottery. One article won’t be enough to draw in a lot, or even any clients.

Building up a readership does take time, especially because a law firm is about as attractive to most people as a visit to the proctologist! No one wants to hire a lawyer, and when they do, it’s rarely for a fun reason.

Also, writing a one or two blogs doesn’t prove your expertise. It takes time to build up your credibility and authoritativeness, so the approach to writing a blog for a law firm should be handled as such.

Write for the Audience, Not the Law Firm

If Lady Gaga started reading Tolstoy at her concerts, most of her target audience would quickly lose interest. That’s because there’s a good chance her fans aren’t fans of Tolstoy. Instead, she provides a show she knows her target audience will love.

A law firm blog should be handled exactly the same way. Do some research. What do prospective clients want? What are their interests? What questions do they commonly ask? Write from their perspective, not the law firms.

The whole point is to share information their target audience will find useful and interesting. Otherwise, most people will read the blog once or twice and then leave – for good.

Share on Social Media

If a law firm isn’t utilizing social media to promote their blog, then they are losing out on a lot of opportunities to market their services.

Just adding a few social media buttons can help promote the blog and the law firm. In addition to adding social media buttons, great photos, content, and a catchy title will also go a long way in attracting readers.

Of course, every law firm must avoid being a potential social media target. Make sure all your social media is monitored closely in case someone makes an inappropriate comment that could hurt your brand.

Ask Readers to Subscribe

When someone visits your blog, there is no telling if they will ever come back. Collecting email addresses is an effective way to keep them in the loop whenever you post fresh content.

As such, ask your visitors to subscribe to your law firm blog.

Try Search Engine Optimization

It’s not just readers who should be finding the blog. Search engine sites should be finding it as well, which means you should use the right keywords, utilize internal and external links, and write great content.

The more posts you write, the more likely it is that search engines will find the blog and help promote it.

Creating a law firm blog capable of attracting lots of traffic takes time and patience. Crucially, you need to know how to implement these traffic-boosting strategies. For more blogging tips, be sure to keep tabs on our blog.