5 Vaping Blogs You Should Know About

vaping blogs

vaping blogsThe popularity of cigarette alternatives exploded in recent years with research showing that vaping is better for you than smoking real cigarettes. The first vaporizers and electronic cigarettes started being produced years ago, and now there are a plethora of tasty options on the market.

The bad news: there are a lot of unsafe vape pen options with great online placement that entices buyers to purchase from them. It is important to understand vape-culture and only purchase from vape companies with the best oils.

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How to do this? By following the most informative and research-heavy vaping blogs that can be your ultimate guide into the world of vaping.

We’ve done the research and have compiled a list of 5 of the best blogs you need to know about for vape industry news:

1. Vaping Point

This blog is a fantastic, fresh view on the vaping world. It’s written by vape pro “VapingPoint Liz”. It covers the benefits of electronic products over smoking traditional cigarettes and tobacco.

Liz discusses the research and science behind vaping and writes a lot of deep and thoughtful articles. Her provocative and advanced writing will cover all you need to know about vaping. When it comes to vaping blogs, this one is one of the best.

2. Steve’s Vaping World

Another high-quality and well-written gem of the vaping blogs is Steve’s Vaping World. The blog has a lot of really cool illustrations and shares a lot of cutting-edge news.

Steve’s blog has a lot of guides and how-to articles. You can even sign up for a free newsletter through the blog to keep yourself updated on all vaping trends. Get a V.I.P. pass into the vape club through this great blog.

3. Vapor4Life

This is a massive blog that gets a huge amount of traffic. It is perhaps one of the largest and most-frequently visited sites in the world of vaping blogs. This blog is for both very experienced vaporizer fans and those new to vaping.

The blog offers a lot of advice and tips on day to day vaping tricks. The blog doesn’t stop there though. It also has sections where you can read about the politics currently affecting vaporizers. The site also has testimonials from people who are trying different products.

4. VaporJoe’s, One of the Best Vaping Blogs

This is another widely read source. A great draw to the blog has been through VaporJoe’s great offers and discount codes on fantastic products that the vaping community will surely love.

Joe has a big social media following because his content is eccentric and eye-catching.

5. GuideToVaping

This blog is great because aside from the standard reviews, celeb interviews, and basic news, they offer the best of the best in terms of up-and-coming vape events. The GuideToVaping is one of the best blogs as it always offers something new and exciting to read about.

Vape For Days

Vaping is a great alternative to real tobacco. Save yourself, your lungs, and some money by switching to vaporizers.

Perhaps you love to read fantastic blogs like those listed here, or maybe want to learn how to create your own amazing blog. If you want the best guide on how to create the ultimate blog, contact us today.