5 Types of Blog Posts and How to Use Them

5 Types of Blog Posts and How to Use Them

In personal and professional contexts, a blog is an essential resource. Your blog can help you build your personal brand.

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It can be a way of communicating the thoughts and ideas that the world deserves to hear. It can be a way of positioning your company as an authority or industry thought leader.

Whatever your reason for blogging, it is worth learning about the different types of blog posts out there and the benefits of each. Read our beginner blogging guide to find out exactly what these are. 

1. News Articles

No matter your blogging motivation, your posts should always be topical. By staying on top of the news cycle, you can attract an engaged and interested audience that wants to make sense of current events.

This is why news blogs are such powerful types of website content.

You can write about current events within your industry, or events that impact your customers specifically. This positions you and your brand to be engaged, informed, and invested in customers.

2. How-To Guides

If you run a corporate blog, you should use it to position your company as an expert authority in your field.

As this comprehensive guide to industrial SEO for blogs explains, providing instructional content for readers is a powerful way to position yourself as an authority and a thought leader in your industry.

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You can write about how customers should use your products. You could offer how-to guides on how to start a business like yours. You could write practical how-to guides on how your target customers can save time and money. The choice is yours.

3. Reviews

Studies show that most customers consult online reviews before purchasing a product or service. If you are about to start a blog, you should consider writing reviews about the things that are relevant to your target audience.

This will enhance your brand authority and allow you to position yourself as unbiased and honest.

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This is why it is important to always highlight both the positives and the negatives in these types of articles so that your reviews don’t read as sponsored content. 

4. Interviews

Don’t forget to add a personal, human touch to your blog promotion efforts. By including interviews in your content, you can pursue that all-important human interest angle that readers care most about.

You could interview prominent figures in your industry, to emphasize the prestige of your brand.

You could interview current employees, to give readers an insight into your working culture and values. You could post interviews with customers, to show readers that you are invested in their happiness. 

5. List Posts

These are exactly what they sound like. A simple list article might not sound like much, but it can be some of the most effective content out there.

A listicle offers an eye-catching title and the promise of a quick, no-nonsense guide or explainer.

It can be a very powerful way to present large amounts of information or advice in a rapid, bullet-point format. If you want people to actually read your content, consider presenting it in list format.

Create These Types of Blog Posts Today 

Understanding the different types of blog posts can allow you to construct a more cohesive, targeted marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a review, a listicle, or a news article, you can use your blog to engage your audience in a deep, meaningful way. You can create all of these blog posts today, for free. Consult our How to Create a Blog guide to get started. 

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