5 Tips for Writing Movie Reviews People Trust

writing movie reviews

writing movie reviews Are you interested in transferring your love of films into writing movie reviews?

Do you feel like you have a unique perspective on movies that would interest the public?

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If so, it may be time for you to assume the role of amateur film critic and start churning out movie reviews. Before you do so, there are a few things to consider to make your reviews sound trustworthy.

This article will outline 5 tips on writing movie reviews that people will trust.

1) Watch the Movie Twice

Some movie reviewers try to get away with writing a review blog just by reading other people’s reviews.

You absolutely can’t get by without watching the movie. Your review will end up sounding fake and will lack detail.

If you’re reviewing the movie The Secret, then it’s essential you watch The Secret Movie.

You should watch most movies you’re trying to review twice, especially when you’re just starting out writing reviews.

The first watch can be a relaxed experience where you see how the movie makes you feel. The second watch should be about note taking and writing down anything you may want to mention in your review.

2) Talk About the Actors

Whenever you mention a character, also mention the actor who plays them.

This will spark the interest of readers as they read about names familiar to them. Everyone has favorite actors, and mentioning who acts in the movie you’re reviewing could make your reader want to see the film more.

Discuss how the actor fulfilled their role and compare it to other movies that actor has been in.

Talking about the actors shows you know about films and gives your review credibility.

3) Don’t Spoil the Film

Any truly great film critic will know that you should never spoil the film when writing movie reviews.

When people read a review they’re likely on the fence about whether or not to watch the film. They’re certainly not going to watch it if your review told them who the mystery serial killer was or spoiled the ending.

Feel free to talk about the plot, but don’t give too much away. You want to pique your readers’ interest in the film so they’re excited to watch it.

4) Back up Your Opinions

No one wants to read a film review that’s essentially just a critic ranting about their opinions for 7 paragraphs.

Always back up your opinions with tangible evidence.

For example, if you hated the film don’t ramble on about how bad it was. Instead, list the reasons the film was bad. Maybe the CGI effects were cheesy, maybe a particular actor got on your nerves.

Explain the reasoning behind your opinions to create a more enjoyable and informative review.

5) Edit and Revise

You can make your film review far more trustworthy if it’s void of typos and grammar mistakes.

Read over your film review several times before you post it up for the world to see.

If you’re not confident in your writing it may be best to have a second pair of eyes read your movie reviews. You want content that is free of errors in order for your readers to take you seriously.

Writing Movie Reviews People Trust Takes Work

As you can see, writing trustworthy movie reviews isn’t as easy as you may think.

Movies are fun to watch and write about, but you must follow some ground rules if you want your review to be read.

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And please feel free to contact us with questions, we are here to help!