5 Tips for Creating a Successful Marriage Blog

marriage blog

Pairing off… It’s something many of us will do and many of our friends have already done. So, it seems only logical that a marriage blog would rank well in the online world.

If done right, they can create a wonderful space to share tips and advice, find inspiration for the hard times, and discuss all the everyday occurrences that come after the big day.

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A successful marriage blog has to offer unique information. More than that, it must be presented well and full of beautiful imagery. Let’s take a look at exactly what that entails.

1. Transparency and Honesty

You’ll quickly discover that people want to hear the things everyone else is afraid to talk about.

Stay focused on being brutally honest and sharing unique ways to push through the hard times.

Transparency and honesty will prevent you from falling into the “dime a dozen” basket that many failed marriage blogs live in.

2. Focus on the Small In Your Marriage Blog

Let’s face it. It’s the simple things in life that get us through. Grand gestures are grand because they don’t happen very often.

Focus your marriage blog on the simple things, the daily occurrences that strengthen marriages like breakfast trays in bed or surprise tokens of appreciation.

Sadly, the divorce rate continues to hover at about 50%. With only a 50/50 chance of actually meaning ’til death do us part, there’s got to be a source of hope.

Make that your blog.

3. Bring on the Experts

Wherever possible, see if you can interview experts in the field i.e. marriage counsellors or ministers, depending on your audience.

Get to know counsellors in the industry like the folks here at SNCS. They’re a Cincinnati-based counselling firm with a website packed full of resources you can refer to.

While fun stories from other couples are sure to be shared, always bring a heavy amount of credibility to any advice you dish.

4. Put on Your Tech Hat

Once you’ve mapped out your direction, it’s time to get technical. The best blogs are the ones that are heavy on the imagery and light on the words.

Craft short blog posts with small blocks of text. Keep your paragraphs short and your messaging simple. Break up your writing with clear headings and subheadings.

Image source like a boss. Search high and low for the best, most professional photos that will say as much as a well-written block of text.

Is there a way for you to incorporate short videos? Even better. Will you consider a Facebook live event? Then you’ll know you’ve really made it big.

As we live our lives in a Twitterverse, one thing’s for sure. We like short character counts and high definition gifs.

5. Stay Active and Stay Social

In order for any online company or blog to survive, social media is a must.

While it’ll be crucial to stay active with regular blog posts, it’ll also be necessary to build your social media presence.

Post daily updates to all your social media accounts. Share your articles. Share helpful advice that pertains to your mission.

Learn how to promote your blog here. Social media is, of course, a large component of that.

Start Today

When you’re ready, we can help you get your blog started for free. Take a look at this comprehensive list of free blogging sites and platforms.

No matter where you are in the process, OnBlast’s got you covered with tons of helpful advice to turn your marriage blog into one of the best sites married couples have ever seen.