5 Styles of Industrial Storage Racks Perfect for Your Warehouse

industrial storage racks

About one billion square feet of warehouse space has been built in the last ten years. For many businesses, this storage space is essential to the success of their business. 

But for other businesses, this piece of the supply chain becomes expensive and is eating away at their bottom line. One way to fix this is by using the right pallet racking system. 

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Industrial storage racks can maximize your storage capabilities and reduce your overall warehousing needs. Use this guide to figure out the ideal racking system for your warehouse. 

1. Drive-In or Drive-Thru 

This pallet racking system design allows your forklift to drive in or through the racking system. The racks are in lines so that there are lanes for the forklift to drive in. You can then stack the pallets vertically. 

This creates a high-density storage system. When done correctly, this system will double the capacity of your warehouse compared to standard racking systems. 

2. Flow or Push Back Racks 

With these racking systems, gravity is used to maintain order on the racks. Both of these racks have a slight incline to them and use gravity to move the pallets forward on the racking rails. 

A flow system has you putting the inventory on the rack on the backside. Then you’d pull the inventory from the front side. The inventory would then “flow-through” the racking system. 

A push back system has you loading and removing the product from the same side of the racking system. When you add new inventory to the rack, it pushes the current inventory back. Then when you remove the inventory, the pallets move forward to the front of the racking system. 

3. Cantilever Racking 

This racking system uses a counterweight to create shelving for bulky items. There are solid steel posts that have horizontal arms that extend out at different levels. You can then place long steel beams or wood on the arms. 

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You can adjust the arms to accommodate different lengths and various vertical levels of shelving. 

4. Specialty Racks 

Some products require a special racking system. The most common are tires and beer/wine kegs. There are racking systems that can accommodate both of these products to allow for efficient storage. 

If you have a unique product then talking with a pallet rack installation company

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5. Selective Racking 

This is the most popular option chosen when businesses set up their warehouse racking system. This system allows for access to all of the pallets from the system’s aisle. 

The most significant advantage is that you can configure the system to almost any size you need. It’s also the easiest system to install. 

Choose From These Industrial Storage Racks

If you find yourself running out of warehouse space, it’s time to evaluate your industrial storage racks. You should also consider these systems if you have a new warehouse space you’re looking to use. 

Consider the amount of space you have and how you need to access your product. This will help you choose the right racking system for your needs. 

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