5 Sites to Follow If You Want to Start a Cannabis Blog

cannabis blog

cannabis blogWith 26 states (and counting) legalizing recreational marijuana, it’s a great time to start a cannabis blog. But this isn’t like that ’80s movie, Field of Dreams. Just because you build it, it doesn’t mean they will come.

So what can you do? You can keep reading to learn the top 5 sites that have hit the right combo of info and entertainment, so you can figure out what will work for you.

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Finding Your Fit

There are several categories of blogs you can choose from. You can try the one-stop-shop that combines entertainment and education, one that’s more entertainment/gear-related or one that’s a bit on the nerdier side. We’ll give you examples of each so you can figure out what’s the best match for your style.

Expert Level

1. High Times started out as a magazine in 1974. Full color, glossy photos of plants, smoking paraphernalia, and people having a really, really good time combined with scientific info have made High Times the go-to source for many years.

They have tips on growing your own (legally of course) and there’s even a trade show, the Cannabis Cup.

The design of High Times combines fun, fanciful colors and graphics with a ton of information. It’s a design that’s evolved over time to be what you see today. Just starting out, your site might not be quite as well equipped, but with time you can get your content plan working and draw tons of traffic.

All the News, All the Time

2. Weedmaps, the folks who keep an active, up-to-date map of doctors and marijuana dispensaries across the country, power Marijuana.com.

You can expect current news, views, and opinions on what’s happening with cannabis. Their info is helpful for everyone, from novice to expert. Their design is easy to follow, with sections laid out in blocks that make it quick to find what you’re looking for. Strain reviews? No problem, check out the right side nav!

3. The Medical Marijuana Association runs a no-nonsense site for those who need medical marijuana. They have categories like how to talk to your doctor and a forum to discuss issues with other cannabis users. Their web design is clean and easy to navigate, similar to other health-related sites.


4. LiveStoner has all the stuff you want in a good smoke shop, plus a few things you didn’t even know you needed! A hilarious bank to save your money in? Check. Death Star grinder? Get two.

But despite having great gear and some fun art, their site’s not the easiest to navigate nor does it load consistently. It’s a good cannabis blog lesson in “right idea, wrong execution”.

Grow Your Own

5. Grozine is one of the top sites for info on hydroponics. You can’t really just stick a few marijuana seeds in a flower pot and become Jack and the (Weed)Stalk. To maximize their potential, you need to grow them under particular conditions. Grozine will give you everything you need to know.

Their site is full of close-up photos of all the things you want to see, from plants to lighting systems to drying set ups. It has great info, though the navigation leaves a bit to be desired.

Rolling up Your Cannabis Blog

These sites should give you a taste of what’s out there to model your blog after.

Your first step is to determine what kind of site you’re going to have, which will dictate all your other decisions. It will set the framework and get you well on your way to having a successful blog. When you’re ready, check out our how to start a website.

Good luck!