5 Secret Instagram Hacks for Garden Bloggers

taking photo of garden with smartphone

taking photo of garden with smartphone Instagram is quickly becoming a popular social media site for all types of people and all types of passions. Even garden bloggers.

In fact, Instagram is a perfect place to showcase gardens and promote blogs on that topic. It just takes a little know-how to be able to be successful.

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The following actions can help gain the attention every blogger is looking for. Here are 5 secret hacks for garden bloggers.

1. Knowing Who to Follow is the Most Important of All Instagram Hacks

Knowing who to follow is crucial to setting up a successful gardening blog on Instagram. The whole point is to connect with like-minded brands and people.

Connecting with brands and people who have common interests will allow more traffic to flow back and forth. Not sure how to begin? Try using hashtags such as #gardening, #petunias, or #growvegetables.

2. Use Instagram as a Photo Editor

Instagram is all about photos. A gardening blog also needs beautiful photography so it’s a chance to share great photos with business and personal connections.

It’s easy to upload photos from a mobile phone or a library. Even better, Instagram allows their users to play with different filters and borders. The result is a jazzier, more attractive photo. It even allows the user to change focus points in the photos.

3. Drive Traffic to an External Website

These days, the best Instagram hacks include driving traffic to an external website. It could be the gardening blog, or it could be another site to help with cross promotion.

Driving traffic to an external website featuring the best pest control in the world helps followers learn more about other aspects of gardening. However, external links are difficult to post on Instagram.

Luckily, there’s a way around it. On the Instagram profile, where a clickable URL is allowed, use photo captions. They’ll encourage people to visit a link or profile.

Just don’t forget to update the URL frequently to point to a blog, YouTube video, product, or offer.

4. Hide Tagged Photos that Don’t Reflect the Gardening Blog

Whether it’s a garden blog or website, it’s all about branding. Which means everything that links to the Instagram profile, including tagged photos, will reflect that brand.

So if there are tagged photos that don’t represent the look, feel or theme of the gardening blog, it’s a smart idea to do some untagging. Here’s how:

1. Tap the profile icon

2. Tap the tagged photo icon

3. Tap on all photos that are undesirable

4. Tap on username

5. Tap on “Remove Me from Photo”

5. Create a Business Profile

Creating a business profile on Instagram is a new feature. Yet it’s one that will surely take off in no time. Which is why the time to take action is now.

Click on the profile button to see if switching to a business profile is possible. If it is, simply click on “Learn More” and follow the instructions.

This will allow opportunities to use their analytics, be found more easily, and of course, to use Instagram ads.

These helpful tips will allow anyone to drive more traffic to their brand and their blog. Don’t have a blog yet? No problem. Click here to learn how to start a blog.